Land of the Vikings - 1.0 Release October 9th, 2023

Start an epic journey through the untamed Norse wilderness as Land of the Vikings gears up to exit Early Access and officially release on October 9th, 2023. To celebrate the 1.0 release, we have decided to maintain the price at $19.99 for one more week after release and provide a 25% discount during that period. So, if you have a friend who's been on the fence, now is the perfect opportunity! After the discount period, the price will increase to $24.99.

Developed by Laps Games and published by Iceberg Interactive, this Viking-themed survival colony sim game challenges players to flourish in an untamed land, build a thriving settlement, and lead their Vikings to glory.

After the early access release in November 2022, the developers gathered valuable player feedback and implemented significant improvements to the game. The latest Battle & Runic update represents one of three major updates introduced during the Early Access period. These updates have added features like the building editor, enhanced battle and defense systems, and additional maps throughout the year of Early Access development.

Key Features of Land of the Vikings:

  • Survival and Prosperity: In Land of the Vikings, players must endure the harsh elements and navigate the treacherous terrain of the Viking age. Fell trees, cultivate crops, hunt wildlife, mine precious ores, and fish in the bountiful seas and fjords. Managing resources efficiently is vital to surviving the brutal winters and expanding your settlement.

  • Unique Villagers: Each villager in your settlement is a distinct character with over 20 individual characteristics. Assign tasks based on their skills and abilities. Not all Vikings are created equal, so strategic planning is key to success.

  • Expand Your Clan: As your settlement flourishes, more Vikings will seek refuge with your clan. You have the choice to welcome them into your fold or turn them away. Over time, your Vikings will establish families, ensuring the growth and prosperity of your village.

  • Weather the Storm: From earthquakes to lightning-sparked fires, the Viking world is rife with disasters that threaten your settlement. The seasons bring their own challenges, including storms, blizzards, and bone-chilling winters. Prepare by stockpiling enough firewood and food to keep your Vikings warm and well-fed.

  • Trade and Conquer: Establish trade routes to neighboring settlements, acquiring goods and gold to enhance your village. Send out daring raiding parties to plunder foreign villages for riches and fame points. Train and strengthen your Vikings to ensure victory and everlasting glory.

  • Freedom to Build: Build your village without constraints, designing it as you see fit to increase your Vikings' happiness. Erect awe-inspiring monuments to Odin or Freya and personalize the appearance of your Viking ships. Shape the very houses in your settlement with the Building Editor.

  • Yggdrasil - The Tech Tree of Life: Unlock new structures and bonuses by expending Fame points within the Tree of Life. Dive into the art of beer brewing, establish a cozy Tavern for your villagers to unwind, or invest in goat farming to produce wool and fabric for better clothing. As the quality of life and resources improves, your Vikings will thrive, and your settlement will flourish.

21. September 2023, von Thore Varga

Iceberg Interactive


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