Explore New Features with the New Land of the Vikings Update!

Today, Developer Laps Games and Publisher Iceberg Interactive reveal their latest update for Land of the Vikings. Land of the Vikings has been able to benefit from community feedback once again and added an enhanced resource management UI and a new map to the game.

In Land of the Vikings, players take on the role of a Jarl. As Jarl, they must overcome obstacles and challenges to build a thriving Viking settlement in icy-cold Nordic landscapes. With a focus on strategic management and challenges, players must navigate around threats to secure the future of their settlement. Jarls need to manage the resources, skills, and abilities of each unique Viking, to help their settlement brave harsh weather and disasters. Players can trade, raid, and plunder neighboring villages and design their settlements to their heart’s desire.

The latest update includes the first two announced improvements from the post-launch road map. It adds a resource management UI designed to enhance player enjoyment and introduces a new map.

Managing your resources
Gone are the days of not knowing how many resources the settlement has and not being able to track them. Players can now efficiently monitor and utilize their resources with the reveal of a sleeker and finer resource management UI. The update allows them to effortlessly oversee the production and consumption of their Vikings.

New map to explore
Dive into uncharted territories to put down new settlements. Prepare to build new cities in breathtaking landscapes. The new map promises a new series of opportunities and challenges with a new set of explorable areas where players will be able to discover the wonders that await in these unexplored lands.

15. Februar 2024, von Thore Varga

Iceberg Interactive



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