Become a Demolition Expert

Gameparic announced the new game on Steam - Demomen Ltd. in which you become an Outback Demolition Expert. Your job is to manage the crew in some of the craziest demo jobs ever. Right now the game is now under development, and we can add Demomen Ltd. to our Steam Wishlist.

In the game, we start in Australia, we have a small demolish company, and our main goal is to grow up and be the best in this continent, but we can't forget to have fun during the gameplay. We need to gear up, hire the most incompetent employees, have a cold one, and build our demolition business!

The gameplay will allow us to make many variations of demolitions - explosions, using a demolition ball. Our task will be to carry out subsequent demolitions that will help us earn money and develop our company - buy new machines, hire employees and improve our equipment.

The game will allow the player to decide on the method of demolition, choosing the right material and crew. The game will allow us to effectively destroy buildings, but at the same time, there will be plenty of fun.

Demomen Ltd. is now under development, players can add it to their Steam Wishlist, to stay up to date with all the news.

25. Januar 2023, von Thore Varga

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