Take Deduction Visual Novel Hauma on the Go With Nintendo Switch This Summer

Assemble Entertainment has officially announced that deduction visual novel Hauma - A Detective Noir Story will launch for Nintendo Switch later this summer. Step into the shoes of Judith, a former detective with a sharp wit and a knack for getting things done, as she uncovers a conspiracy amongst the city's upper echelons of society.

Developer SenAm and Publisher Assemble Entertainment are thrilled to announce that visual novel Hauma - A Detective Noir Story will launch for Nintendo Switch in the Summer of 2024. Discover a conspiracy amongst the upper echelons of society through the eyes of former detective Judith, while visiting comic-inspired real-world locations when Hauma comes to Nintendo Switch.

Hauma is a stylish detective noir that takes place in Munich, following Judith, a former detective forced out of retirement by a variety of suspicious events in the area. With a gorgeous, comic book-inspired visual style, you’ll explore real-world locations, such as the historic House of Art, while discovering pieces of hidden history that reveal information on the city’s past.

Immersed in the world of Bavaria's capital, you’ll need to solve puzzles and riddles while putting together clues to make investigative deductions about Hauma’s intriguing narrative. Along the way, you’ll use the mindboard to aid you with your investigation, which functions like an inventory containing items and thoughts.

Hauma offers a rich, fully voiced cinematic adventure, with a diverse cast of characters. Embark on a journey of deduction and intrigue and uncover the secrets of Munich's society, piecing together the conspiracy that lies within when Hauma launches for Nintendo Switch this summer.


  • More than Meets the Eye: Embark on a journey of deduction and intrigue, uncover the secrets of Munich's elite corrupt society, and piece together the puzzle of the conspiracy that lies within.

  • Enter the Mind Palace: Become acquainted with the mindboard, an innovative inventory of interconnected items and thoughts that, when weaved together correctly, uncover clues and unravel mysteries.

  • Draw Your Own Conclusions: Utilize engaging investigation mechanics, including a variety of puzzles and challenging dialogue riddles.

  • Comic-Inspired Storytelling: Exhibited in vibrant, graphic-novel-style art, Hauma visually engages you in a gripping story and doesn’t let you go until you’ve unearthed every last conspiracy.

  • Hear Me Out: Hauma features a fully voiced cinematic adventure featuring a diverse cast and evocative characters.

Hauma - A Detective Noir Story will launch for Nintendo Switch this summer.

29. März 2024, von Thore Varga

ASSEMBLE Entertainment


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