Strange Horticulture spreads its roots to Xbox TODAY

Initially, captivating PC gamers with its inspiring debut in January 2022, the charming puzzle game Strange Horticulture brought to life by Bad Viking and presented by Iceberg Interactive has bloomed onto the Xbox platform today, ready to captivate a whole new audience with its enchantment. This experience will leave you spellbound at the thrilling price of just $14.99.

Strange Horticulture defies convention, offering an extraordinary adventure centered around the collection and categorization of mysterious plants. Not only you will have the chance to interact with the cutest feline companion (Hellebore) and commune with enigmatic covens, but you'll also have the choice to delve into the depths of a captivating cult.

Your decisions hold immense power as they shape the unfolding narrative and gradually unveil the dark secrets that lay hidden beneath the surface of Undermere. All the while, your ever-expanding assortment of peculiar plants will become a testament to your journey through this fantastical world.

Being selected as the Best Puzzle Game 2022 by PC Gamer, with a Metacritic score of 83, and a place in the Metacritic TOP 50 PC GAMES OF 2022, Strange Horticulture boasts an Overwhelmingly Positive review score on Steam, a score of 8/10 from Nintendo Life, and is recommended by Polygon, RockPaperShotgun, and GameSpew, to name but a few of the hundreds of accolades given to this incredible game.

“Strange Horticulture is, appropriately, a strange game, one of those simple premises that balances intrigue, sense of place, and puzzles in a satisfying, tactile way. It’s so easy to become engrossed in this world, to become obsessed with the litany of beautiful, exotic, and sometimes dangerous plants that line the walls of my shop. And it’s already one of my favorite games this year.” - Nicole Carpenter (Polygon)

Strange Horticulture is available for PC, MacOS, Nintendo Switch, and now Xbox.

WELCOME TO UNDERMERE Welcome to Undermere, a quaint town surrounded by hag-infested forests and rugged mountains. You are the Horticulturist, owner of local plant store Strange Horticulture. As a cast of colorful customers come by your shop, you are quickly thrust into an occult mystery stretching back hundreds of years.

THE LANDS BEYOND Explore the lands beyond your store to find new plants, but be careful! The dark woods and lakes are not always friendly to a simple herbalist. You might discover powers beyond your wildest dreams - or lose your mind completely. Use context clues to determine which places to visit, and which to avoid!

AN EVER-GROWING COLLECTION Using your trusty encyclopedia and clues found on your explorations, you learn more about the strange plants you come across. By identifying each plant, you will be able to use their effects to influence the story -- from hypnotic hallucinogens to powerful poisons.

4. August 2023, von Thore Varga

Iceberg Interactive


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