PUBG MOBILE launches new system for tournament licensing!

PUBG MOBILE has launched a brand new online portal for tournament licensing, the ESPORTS HUB, making the application process for creating official PUBG MOBILE tournaments easier than ever!

PUBG MOBILE is pleased to announce the launch of a new online portal for tournament licensing, simplifying the process for individuals and organisations to apply for a tournament licence. Through a number of changes and updates, the process to organise a PUBG MOBILE Esports tournament will be open to a greater number of people and will hopefully encourage and inspire organisers across the world to set up amazing events, with the support of PUBG MOBILE.

This new ESPORTS HUB is designed for tournaments of all sizes, with four distinct tiers that can be selected during the application process. These range from community-led events to major pro tournaments. Applying for a licence is now as easy as signing up to the site, providing information about your event, and uploading any requested information. Users can check the status of their application through the website, allowing them to view direct and clear updates during the process.

Licenced tournaments will also have a chance to secure a slot and be part of the PUBG MOBILE Pro League qualifiers, allowing tournament organisers and amateur players to advance to the professional level. The opportunity to work with sponsors is also available to authorised organisers. This means more opportunities for larger-scale tournaments which may not have been previously possible.

The launch of this licensing website will make the set up of PUBG MOBILE Esports tournaments much simpler, and offer additional resources where possible to give organisers the best chance of success. We are very excited for the future of these tournaments and we invite players of all levels to get involved with these fantastic events.

27. April 2023, von Thore Varga

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