Dive into the depths of the Ocean in PUBG Mobile Version 3.3 Update

PUBG MOBILE, one of the world’s most popular mobile games, reveals thrilling new enhancements in its Version 3.3 Update. Available until September 9th, players can explore deep sea adventures in the new Ocean Odyssey mode. Discover new updates to Home Mode, World of Wonder, alongside a thrilling Zombie Uprising mode in Metro Royale, and new legendary items in Cycle 7 Season 19.

The Version 3.3 Update introduces Ocean Odyssey, a new, immersive themed mode where players can explore the submerged remains of the Ocean Palace, an ancient ocean kingdom and search for lost treasures. In the Forsaken Ruins, players will also encounter majestic Ocean Temples, with their entrances hidden behind cascading water.

Alongside these new settings, comes new mechanics and items including the powerful Trident. Sealed within the Ocean Palace, the Trident grants players access to unique swimming techniques and boosts their underwater speed. When used, it can also summon a water tornado to control enemies. When a player retrieves the Trident, a legendary yet deadly sea creature, the Kraken, will awaken, destroying the Ocean Palace with a surge of seawater and forcing the player to return to the surface. Players can also utilise new items, including the Water Orb Grenade, which creates large water orbs that captures nearby enemies and forces them to swim, and the Water Orb Blaster which fires orbs that players can navigate using the Hydro Pull ability. Additionally, players can hitch a ride on the Gleaming Stingray, a two-seater mount that can both travel underwater and fly in midair.

A brand new DSR Sniper Rifle, a highly precise bolt-action sniper rifle with dual magazines, is also introduced in the Version 3.3 Update. Erangel also undergoes a transformation with a dome-shaped observatory now towering over Stalber, while the Ruins and Mylta receive improved layouts for better in-game experience. Players can also seek out thrilling new Intel Rooms which are scattered across the Erangel map, providing hidden supplies. Additionally, Payload Mode updates introduce two new vehicles: the Fighter Jet, a two-seater aircraft with an autocannon, missile launcher, and decoy deployment, and the Armamech, a versatile four-seater with boosted jump, missiles, and a unique "Magnetise" ability for manipulating objects and tracking air units.

The Version 3.3 Update also includes exciting updates to World of Wonder, bringing an exhilarating new twist to tower defense gameplay. Players can now upgrade towers on the map continuously while strategically using weapons to fend off endless waves of zombies. The update also introduces brand new themed map templates like Ocean Palace and Underwater World, featuring a variety of water elements and underwater decorations for immersive underwater battles in the Ocean Palace arena. This update brings boundless creative options to PUBG MOBILE, allowing players even more opportunities to explore their imagination without limits.

Players now have the opportunity to take on daily missions in World of Wonder, earning weekly activity and World of Wonder EXP. Play Level and Creator Level will also be on display in the newly introduced World of Wonder ranking, with updates to Creation Sharing and Creation Collections offering greater convenience. Additionally, the Creation Center has had a fresh makeover, including updates to the Creator Levels allowing players to explore detailed guides, take part in exciting missions and events, and score rewards like the exclusive World of Wonder Creator Set.

Metro Royale is also set to unveil its thrilling new Zombie Uprising mode, featuring intense zombie battles amidst dynamic weather conditions. Players can explore a range of new weapons, items, and mechanics, along with enhanced Bonus Special Traits that offer expanded gameplay options. This update also introduces exciting new collectibles, season rewards, and adjustments to faction weapon damage, along with the addition of the powerful DBS and S12K firearms. Zombie Rising mode will also see the introduction of two exclusive weapons, the M134 and the Flamethrower. Moreover, players can now conveniently view Loss Replays and Highlights directly from the Results screen, enhancing their overall gaming experience. Additionally, the Version 3.3. Update also introduces the Room feature, allowing players to organise matches.

The Version 3.3 Update celebrates the arrival of the vibrant Aegean Bay Cove, with themed items arriving in Home Mode. From July 13th to 28th, players reaching Home Level 4 can claim a free Aegean Bay Cover Object Pack to instantly create a stunning home. Players can also get into the party spirit by inviting friends to their PUBG MOBILE Home Party. Hit the dance floor with new interactive party items, including DJ stations, and microphones, which are ready to trigger exclusive interaction Emotes and party music once the celebrations begin! Additionally, the new Version 3.3 Update allows players to participate in a brand new Home competition, designing and showcasing their dream home for the chance to face-off against other players and win exciting rewards A brand-new Ludo Game Table is also available, with Ludo gameplay coming soon to PUBG MOBILE - stay tuned to in-game announcements for further updates!

The Version 3.3 Update also introduces Cycle 7 Season 19, featuring a variety of new legendary items such as C7S19 Glasses, C7S19 Set, C7S19 Mask, C7S19 Cover, and C7S19 - QBU. Additionally, the Season Token Event Shop has been updated to include the C7S19 Parachute. Players can now access updated Cycle rewards, including Cycle 7 Cover, Cycle 7 Set and Cycle 7 Hoverboard by collecting Diamond/Crown/Ace Badges within the same Cycle.

PUBG MOBILE players can also look forward to an exciting upcoming partnership with a renowned luxury sports car manufacturer, as well as an adorable collaboration with an iconic South Korean animation series. Stay tuned for more updates!

10. Juli 2024, von Thore Varga

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