NEOWIZ Pulls Out All the Stops In Celebration of Brave Nine’s 6th Anniversary

NEOWIZ, a worldwide publisher and developer of award-winning video games, is ready to party with the community in celebration of the sixth anniversary of Brave Nine. The game’s latest update brings a host of new content, including a brand new mercenary, a mythic campaign substory, and new birthday events that will bring a smile to every player’s face.

Iselok is the latest mercenary to join the Brave Nine roster. He is a Templar and brings an array of abilities to the table unequaled by any other. Using Jormun and Vanar, his two Holy Swords, Iselok protects humanity, though at a cost: Iselok is slowly being corrupted by his beloved swords. Players will learn more about this tragic story thanks to the addition of a new Mythic campaign substory.

The update also pulls out all the stops to celebrate Brave Nine’s sixth birthday. Players will be treated to fun activities that yield awesome rewards.

  • Take part in the 6th Anniversary Bingo Event to acquire mythic mercenary summon resources and a sacred Orb bundle (A~D)

  • The 6th Anniversary Log-in Event will offer players a Legendary Companion selection ticket and 6th Anniversary Boxes.

  • Everyone is invited to participate in the 6th Anniversary Coupon Event

  • The Pirate Yuri Annihilation Event will yield a special Yuri School Costume

21. April 2023, von Thore Varga