Developed by renowned Japan-based studio Qualiarts, the game is set to launch on mobile devices globally

NEOWIZ, is thrilled to announce that it has reached an agreement to IDOLY PRIDE from renowned Japanese developer Qualiarts. IDOLY PRIDE is an idol management game. It tells the story of users growing up with singing girls to become managers and become the best idols possible. In Japan where it was first released,

IDOLY PRIDE ranked first in free downloads and one of the top games in sales on Google Play and Apple's App Store, the home country of idol culture, and was named the 2021 Japan Google Play Store Best Game.

Players are tasked with managing their roster of upcoming Music Idols with the goal of amassing the biggest fanbase and audience for your concerts. You must collect the best singers, dancers, and manage their bookings and PR to bring them to the forefront of the music industry. It’s up to you to make a supergroup of Idols and bring them to the top!

Seungchul Kim, Co-CEO of Neowiz, said, "We are thrilled to bring 'IDOLY PRIDE' to users around the world. The anime has captured the imaginations of fans worldwide, and we’re confident the game will do so too."

More details about IDOLY PRIDE can be found on the game’s official website.

28. Februar 2023, von Thore Varga



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