Lies of P Publisher NEOWIZ Launches ‘Heroes Wanted’

Hot off the feedback from its recent open playtest, today NEOWIZ announces the launch of its latest game, Heroes Wanted. This exhilaratingly addictive deck-building roguelike, developed by Gameplete, will thrill fans with its strategic battles, unique card mechanics, and engaging storyline.

Heroes Wanted plunges players into a fierce battle at each stage, where victory rewards them with strategic card and item options. The key to success lies in thoughtful decision-making to build the most powerful deck, enabling players to advance through stages and face the formidable Demon King.

Follow the tale of Luca, a boy leading a peaceful life in a quaint rural town. When he stumbles upon the coveted soul stone sought by the Demon King, Luca embarks on a courageous journey. Along the way, he allies with heroes to combat the demonic forces threatening his world.

17. November 2023, von Thore Varga