Wing-Flapping Talon-Tapping Battle Royale Headbangers Rhythm Royale Out Now

Glee-Cheese and Team17 Digital have today launched rhythm-based battle royale Headbangers Rhythm Royale on PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation®4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and Windows Store. Also available on Xbox Game Pass for Xbox and PC, Headbangers Rhythm Royale places players into the perfectly preened plumage of a pigeon, finally answering the age-old question, ‘What is going on in their head?’

Headbangers Rhythm Royale invites players to tap, flap, and rap their way to victory in a series of manic musical mini games against 29 other player-controlled pigeons, battling their way to become Master Headbanger. Featuring cross-platform multiplayer, no pigeon is too near (or too far) to join in the medley of minigames, with players memory, rhythm, reflexes, reaction time, and (obviously) their ability to rap being put to the test across 23 unique challenges.

Headbangers Rhythm Royale Key Features

  • Ruffle feathers: Memory, rhythm, reflexes, and reaction times will be put to the test across 23 minigames, each with their own unique musical twist

  • Preen away: With hundreds of unique items to choose from, including full outfits, hats, glasses, voices, and taunts, players can take the top spot and fluff their feathers with their very own personalised pigeon

  • Peck and earn breadcrumbs: Challenges and unlockable customisations await in the in-game battle pass, with players able to spend their hard-earned crumbs to help them be the most stylish pigeon in the flock

  • Cross-flock support: Play with up to 29 other pigeons with crossplay enabled, friends and frenemies alike can battle in musical madness regardless their gaming platform of choice

  • Talon tapping music: With unique scores across each minigame, loading screen, and pigeon accessory menu, the party never stops with the bespoke scores written and created by the Glee-Cheese team.

31. Oktober 2023, von Thore Varga

Team17 Digital