Surprise! Take Your Sticker Shop on the Go With Sticky Business on Nintendo Switch

The shop is now open, this time on Nintendo Switch!

Developer Spellgarden Games and Publisher Assemble Entertainment are thrilled to announce that the cozy business sim Sticky Business has surprise-launched for Nintendo Switch today, April 17th, 2024. Create your own beautiful stickers, organize your storefront, package orders, read customer sentiments, and more - all on Nintendo Switch, as revealed during today’s Indie World Showcase.

With the Nintendo Switch version, you can take your business on the go, while also utilizing touchscreen or traditional control schemes. In addition, you can enjoy the Plan With Me DLC, which adds even more cozy sticker creations to your portfolio but with a new office theme!

Who says that work can’t be fun?
In Sticky Business, you start as a brand-new small business owner, and you’re able to use thousands of customization options to embrace your creativity and share your personal style with the world. Once your stickers are made, orders will start coming in, and you will have to pack them up and ship them off to customers. Wait patiently as customers' kind words and even personal stories will come in as they share the impact your creations have had on their lives.

Sticky Business isn’t just about making stickers and packing orders. You’ll also be able to create an eye-catching online storefront, upgrade stickers using experience points from past orders, and manage sales - All parts of running an efficient and successful business. The more you create and deliver, the more stickers you’ll unlock, leading to more customers.

Key Features:

  • Create and Share: Get creative and build the cutest stickers out of thousands of possible combinations. Mix and match them to fit your personal style!

  • Meet Your Customers: Businesses always start small and work their way up. Watch as your business grows and experience stories from the customers who place orders.

  • Relax and Vibe: Enjoy a lovely pastel palette and a relaxing soundtrack to help inspire your perfect creations.

  • Earn and Upgrade: Use your hard-earned revenue to buy upgrades for your shop, get more sticker graphics and effect foils to make your products even more enticing.

Sticky Business is available on Nintendo Switch right now for $9.99 (with a 10% off launch discount for $8.99). The Plan With Me DLC is also available now for $3.99 (with a 10% off launch discount for $3.59). Sticky Business and the Plan With Me DLC are also available for PC via Steam.

22. April 2024, von Thore Varga

ASSEMBLE Entertainment


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