ROCKFISH Games Teases New Star System, Weapons, and More With EVERSPACE 2 Gameplay Footage

Independent developer ROCKFISH Games will soon deliver the second major Early Access content update ZHARKOV: THE VORTEX to its popular space action RPG EVERSPACE 2, scheduled for the end of July.

In this actual gameplay teaser trailer, space game enthusiasts get a glimpse of the third star system that leads deeper into the mystery of the Ancients, a powerful alien race, as well as shady business being done by the Grady & Brunt mining operation, two factions that were already established in the original EVERSPACE. Keep an eye out for new natural hazards, weapon types, and a new planetary location that is briefly shown. Time to get excited, pilots!

ZHARKOV: THE VORTEX Early Access Update Features:

  • New Star System - Zharkov: The Vortex takes players deep into the eye of the storm

  • New Main and Side Missions - More story and more to do; TTS placeholders of previous missions as well as all-new fully-voiced story content.

  • New Activities, Mini-Missions, and Challenges - A new system means more to explore.

  • New Companion - Watch out for more news soon!

  • New Light Fighter Class: The Vanguard - Watch out for more news soon!

  • Increased Level Cap - Get those numbers up, rookies! More levels mean more perks to explore!

17. Juni 2021, von Alex 'Alex B.' Börner



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