New Weird Survival Game Once Human Reveals Vital Updates Coming to Closed Beta Test

Once Human, a sandbox survival game with the New Weird theme, has confirmed key feature updates that will be included in the upcoming CBT set for January 6th.

Going All in on World Exploration
Fans will be excited to learn of a host of new content will be added to the upcoming CBT. One big change is the ability to challenge the Great Ones. In the game-world, the Great Ones are a race of evil, god-like beings threatening to dominate the human world. A player’s role as a Meta is to fight back against the onslaught, cleanse the land, and drive the Great Ones back. In the upcoming CBT, players can now put their skills to the ultimate test by challenging the Great Ones in a special new game play feature. This new challenge mode means that players now have multiple choices of whether being in the center of the action off to the sidelines, building bases or hanging out with friends.

Besides challenging the Great Ones, this most recent update will also include a number of special new hidden areas waiting for keen-eyed Metas to discover, such as Securement Silos. These Silos are special facilities built by Rosetta in order to control and study Deviations whenever they appear. Some of these Securement Silos are still under Rosetta's control, while others have been taken over by Deviants or infected with Stardust pollution. Players will need to work together with fellow Metas to discover and purge these Securement Silos and make it back out with the loot.

Enhanced PvP Gameplay
The PvP gameplay elements through the addition of the Chaos feature are also enhanced. Chaos players are human players who have entered a Chaos state, during which they can attack other players and their territories to loot resources. Players can choose the PvP server for a hardcore PvP experience and experience the thrill of all-out sever-wide warfare, or engage the dedicated PvE server where Chaos players can only target other Chaos players, allowing Metas to opt out of this new feature whenever they want.

In addition to the threat posed by Chaos players, players’ squads can also get the chance to compete against other players in large-scale group combat. This is the feature for players who prefer being part of a team than fighting alone. In this upcoming test, players will be able to build Territories together with friends and occupy nearby resource points. Continued occupation will yield extremely rare resources, allowing players to craft the best weapons and tactical gear. However, a big and rich Territory leads to more threats. Invading players may launch an attack at any time.

As players’ groups grow in size, they will have opportunities to assert their ownership over the most important core strongholds in each region. Players could choose peaceful negotiation or conquest by force or the way they build their territory no matter they want to play it safe to build an impenetrable fortress or let their creative juices flow.

Better Character Performance
In addition, the development team has also been working on a more expansive range of combat gears. Learn to craft weapons and other items by acquiring blueprints and gathering the required materials. This is the key to being stronger and leveling up the character. Gathering is the way to hand on important in-game items that may give players the upper hand in combat, or just because they want their characters to have the best-looking gear.

Based on player feedback, the development team has also fully optimized the characters' basic movements and the way they interact with the various environments of the world for this upcoming test. According to the development team, they hope to succeed in making the game-world more realistic and immersive, empowering players to become the hero of their own story.

This is just a snapshot of all the changes for this upcoming test. Don’t forget to follow Once Human socials and wishlist the game on Steam for more updates for such an immersive and open world!

12. Dezember 2022, von Thore Varga

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