New Escape from Tarkov trailer of the 0.12 the biggest update in history of the project

New patch has the new version of Unity 2018.4, and new third-party animations, as well as the effects of full-screen anti-aliasing TAA. And also a new map Reserve, bosses, weapons, all the details are below. There is no release date for the patch yet, but let me know if you need keys (including trial ones, we can make a giveaway together if you want), it's the best time to try to Escape from Tarkov after a full wipe!

The patch is the biggest for EFT ever, so has lots of details:

Along with the addition of a large number of new game mechanics and content, we transferred the project to the new version of Unity 2018.4, carried out serious work to optimize the network and server components, fixed a significant part of the bugs and issues, stabilized and improved the state of the project. Particularly noteworthy are the new third-person animations, as well as the effects of full-screen anti-aliasing TAA (Temporal Anti-Aliasing). These and other features allowed to significantly modify the graphics component.

One of the main innovations of the upcoming patch will be the Hideout, a special game location, a safe place where the player will return to after each raid to treat and restore the basic characteristics of his character.

The regeneration rate will be directly related to the internal management of the Hideout: the construction and improvement of various zones, the creation and use of consumables for everyday life. Here, the player can increase the size of his stash, create first-aid kits and cartridges, as well as organize a full-fledged shooting gallery for training, use food, water, and medicine, build a bitcoin farm and much more. The functionality of the hideout will be supplemented and improved over time.

A new location “Reserve” has been added to the game, a secret military base of RosReserv, which, according to legends, contains a long-term supply of provisions, medicines, and resources in the event of total nuclear war. Located near the “Factory”, the Reserve will become the largest location in the game in terms of explorable area. The territory of the military base is surrounded by minefields, snipers and is controlled by the scav boss Glukhar and his squad. This grouping in battle uses special tactics, they often wear heavy bulletproof vests and helmets and use all available weapons including the NSV Utes stationary machine gun and the AGS-30 automatic grenade launcher, that are located on the map. You can leave the Reserve in various ways, for example, through the sewer hatch, on an armored train or by entering the bunker.

In the area of the sawmill on “Woods” players will now be able to measure strength with the Shturman. This scav boss, alike his few guards adheres to secretive combat tactics, attacking from well-disguised shelters and using weapons with optics. He has the key to the "common fund stash" with him, so a victory over him is not only honorable but also very profitable.

The traders now have a new colleague - Jaeger, he sends players for quests, has his own assortment of goods with a large number of unique items, and makes minimal margins on his goods. However, he accepts only those buyers who have completed a particular quest. With the update, the remaining traders now issue new quests, and some of the existing ones have been redesigned.

Among other innovations of the update, players now have the ability to create and save custom weapon presets and quickly purchase parts for them, and they also have access to the new Ragman service - tactical clothing. 5 unique sets for USEC and BEAR are to be unlocked depending on the character level, merchant loyalty and the amount in rubles. In the future, new clothes will be added.

Along with new equipment, barter items, ammunition, and over 160 weapon parts and modules, the T-7 thermal imaging glasses and new weapons were added to the game, including the AsH-12, FN P90, M9A3, FN Five-Seven, and TX-15.

22. Oktober 2019, von Markus 'Markus S.' Schaffarz

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