Green Hell: The Board Game is nearing its Kickstarter campaign - learn the core rules and setup!

The start of the Green Hell: The Board Game campaign on Kickstarter is fast approaching. Almost 5.000 people are already waiting for the project's launch. On this occasion, the developers from Galaktus Games have prepared a series of videos presenting the mechanics and rules of the game, as well as a special interview with Krzysztof Kwiatek - the co-creator of the original Green Hell video game.

From the first video material, viewers will learn how to prepare for the game and set up all available elements before the start. Green Hell: The Board Game offers players a high level of gameplay unpredictability thanks to its innovative system of ever-expanding jungle creation based on a modular, semi-random map setup. In the second material Mateusz "Vik" Sochon, the game's lead designer, will explain step by step how to navigate in the world of Green Hell. The jungle and its challenges awaiting the Rescue Party will randomly change every time what makes each playthrough a unique experience.

The developers from Galaktus Games also decided to talk about Green Hell: The Board Game with Krzysztof Kwiatek - CEO of Creepy Jar and co-creator of the original version of Green Hell. During the conversation we'll find out what he thinks about the board edition of the game, how the cooperation with Galaktus Games looked like and to what extent the worlds of both games intertwine.

Green Hell: The Board Game is a cooperative survival game. Jake, known to all fans of the video version, is stranded in the Amazon forest searching for his lost wife, trying to survive in this harsh, and unwelcoming environment. The players are all members of a Search & Rescue team sent with the sole task of locating and retrieving him. Each of them has a particular set of skills that will prove necessary to the whole party’s fate. Survival Expert, Medic, Guide, and the Scientist - only well-coordinated cooperation will allow to complete the mission successfully.

Green Hell: The Board Game - follow on Kickstarter

9. Juni 2021, von Alex 'Alex B.' Börner

Green Hell

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