Expand the Aerial Adventure in Sphere - Flying Cities New Early Access Update: Story Phase II

Prepare for a full-on atmospheric adventure!
Today, esteemed indie publisher Assemble Entertainment and developer Hexagon Sphere Games are elated to announce a brand new Early Access update for sci-fi simulation Sphere - Flying Cities. Titled Story Phase II, this update adds fresh, narrative driven content, expanding the story of the post-apocalyptic skyscape denizens and delving deeper into their struggle for survival.

Continue to build, fortify, and expand above the horizon of Earth’s destroyed surface in what is humanity’s last stand among the clouds.

Along with the addition of new story missions to embark on, the studio has another exciting announcement: Sphere - Flying Cities will be soaring out of Early Access this fall! The full release is slated for September of this year, and those of you curious about future Early Access updates can find more details in the Steam Roadmap. We also invite you to check out the latest Devlog #3 ‘Tech-tree redesign and more Quality Of Improvements’ to learn more about Sphere’s development.

Compared to other sky faring, city-building strategy games such as Airborne Kingdom, Sphere - Flying Cities is characterized by its use of anti-gravity technology and its setting in a world destroyed by the planet’s moon. Based on the novel “Cities in Flight” by James Blish, Sphere’s focus on technology is an elementary part of the gameplay. Each decision made must weigh the lives of the last remnants of society at play, with one wrong move leading to potentially devastating consequences.

Key Features of Sphere - Flying Cities in Early Access:

  • A City in the Clouds: Construct your city with numerous retro-futuristic buildings, utilize the resources available from the unique sky-vironment, and send out drones to harvest (sometimes rare!) resources and repair buildings to keep everyone’s head in the clouds

  • The Sky’s the Limit: The anti-gravity device and its deflector-shield are the only things protecting the city from (un)natural disasters; maintaining it means the difference between life and certain doom

  • For the Greater Good: Assuring the safety of your city’s denizens is of paramount importance - tend to their needs by supplying food, healthcare, and shelter, as well as undergoing rescue missions. However, keep in mind that you won’t be able to save every building - nor every colonist.

  • Write Your Own Story: Each decision you make, turn you take, and building you create chronicles your own narrative in this compelling near-apocalypse scenario. Define your experience by the paths you follow and determine how your city’s story ends.

31. Mai 2022, von Alex 'Alex B.' Börner

ASSEMBLE Entertainment


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