Venture Into Mabinogi’s Two-Part Winter Update

Mabinogi, Nexon’s free-to-play fantasy MMORPG, is excited to announce two new winter updates - Beyond and Arcana: Dark Arts! Available now, the Beyond update includes a renewed part-time job system, a new spirit weapon tutorial, guidance to train your character and changes to the main quest.

The Renewal of the part-time job system includes the following:

  • Part-Time Jobs in Erinn

    • Experience gained has increased.

    • Requests and rewards have changed! You can now choose the reward you want when completing a job.

    • Part-time job count does not reset anymore, and the amount of part-time job participants have also increased!

  • Part-Time Job Bulletin Board

    • Locals seeking help will now post their part-time job requests on one large community bulletin board.

  • Phaea’s Blessing

    • Work together to gain a buff that all of Erinn can experience! Phaea’s Blessing increases the part-time job completion reward by 20%!

A new spirit weapon tutorial has been added with the adorable Eiry awakening from her slumber to teach beginners and veterans alike about Spirit Weapons!

  • Feed Spirits their preferred type of gems to gain bonus EXP, while Eiry can be given any of the 11 newer types of gems.

  • For any levels where Spirits receive bonus Ego Points depending on their Bond level, Eiry will always receive the maximum possible points, regardless of her Bond.

Milletians can enjoy improvements to novice-level hurdles with changes to make it easier for new users to jump into the game.

  • Several quests in Blaanid’s Brave Boost, which works as a guide/tutorial for new users, have been improved for easier progression. In addition, some unnecessary quests have been removed and the difficulty of other quests have become easier.

  • Need some guidance on what to do after you’ve written the last page of your Memory Book with Blaanid? Consult the Growth Guide to point you in the right direction! After completing Chapter 3 of Blaanid’s Memory Book, you’ll receive the quest ‘About the Growth Guide’, which you can follow to unlock this helpful list of achievements.

    • Your Life, Your Goals: Focus on what you’re most interested in with this helpful guide that will aid you with both Battle and Life content. You’ll see goals listed for everything from gathering and crafting to combat-oriented tasks that pit you against frightening foes.

    • Growth Guide Rewards: By completing the achievements in the Growth Guide, you’ll accumulate points that’ll earn you rewards!

Whether you're a seasoned Milletian or completely new to exploring the main storyline in Mabinogi, you can embark on an adventure across the world of Erinn, encountering colorful characters and standing against fell forces, easily connecting with the storyline with the below changes to the main quest:

  • Camerawork in story cutscenes now accounts for your character’s race and height.

  • Some quests have been streamlined so that Generation storylines can be progressed through at a more consistent rate.

  • The waiting time between finishing one quest and receiving the next has been completely removed.

  • Reduced difficulty for some boss battles.

  • Significantly reduced the length of mainstream and RP Dungeons.

  • The Quest UI has been upgraded with a new look that presents more information in a clearer, easier-to-read format.

Arcana: Dark Arts, the second part of this winter’s update, lands in-game on December 14 and will include new Arcana talents and powerful skills, along with improvements to enhancement and enchantment. With new Arcana talents, Alchemic Sharpshooter and Dark Diviner, reach cumulative level 20,000 and find Laoire of the Arcana Talent Association to learn more about acquiring Arcana.

17. November 2023, von Thore Varga

Nexon Europe


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