Steam Next Fest |Over The Top WWI - Demo is available now

The New Next Fest Demo for Over The Top WWI, the real-time third and first-person combat set in the First World War, is AVAILABLE NOW!

You will also able to try the brand new single-player modes for Over The Top WWI.

Jump into the action in "Instant Battle" mode and take part in large-scale confrontations featuring up to 200 bots. Or play the new "Build a Battle" mode, where you can customize your own battle scenarios by placing Soldiers, Cannons, Machine Guns, and Tanks on each side, then watch the chaos unfold as they clash in battle.

Key Features of the Demo:

  • Multiplayer and Single-Player Modes: Engage in massive battles with up to 200 players or bots, ensuring every skirmish is a unique and challenging experience.

  • Conquest Game Mode: Test your strategic skills and teamwork in our Conquest mode, where every decision can turn the tide of war.

  • Diverse Arsenal: Unlock and wield a curated selection of period-authentic weapons and equipment, giving you the edge in the heat of combat.

  • Expansive Maps: Explore six hand-crafted maps, each offering distinct landscapes and tactical opportunities.

  • Armored Warfare: Command four unique tanks and two armored vehicles, alongside transport options and various artillery pieces, to dominate the battlefield.

8bOver The Top: WWI] brings brutal real-time third-person multiplayer and single-player combat set in the muddy fields of the First World War, presenting players with the opportunity to re-fight the Great War as either the Central Powers or the Triple Entente.

Fight as a soldier on the front lines where every weapon and vehicle you see is yours. Take the Germans head-on or crush their resistance- by yourself or with an army behind you. Arm yourself with a diverse arsenal, including rifles, artillery, and even tanks, as you navigate the mud-soaked battlefields of the First World War.

Will you face the enemy alone in single-player or lead a powerful army into the fray in the included multiplayer mode? The decision is yours to make on these historic battlegrounds.


11. Juni 2024, von Thore Varga