Season Three of KartRider: Drift is Heating Up In 'CATCH ME IF YOU CAN'

Nexon and Nitro Studios, the publisher and developer behind casual kart-racing video game KartRider: Drift, are thrilled to announce the launch of Season 3, bringing summer vibes to a world-famous resort. We hope you're ready for brand-new tracks, characters, and a new high-octane game mode in KartRider: Drift Season 3: Catch Me If You Can.

Main points:

  • Four new tracks

  • Four new characters

  • New game mode - Flag Mode

  • Limited-time events

  • Quality-of-life changes

On July 13, Nexon and Nitro Studios will launch Season 3: Catch Me If You Can, a gorgeous summer paradise of a season that'll give you access to all manner of beautiful new locations. It's summertime, so what better theme than heading around the most famous beaches in the world? Four new themed tracks will come into the game:

World Tour: Hawaii Hula Hula
World Tour: Venice Gondola Tour
World Tour: SF Seaplane Base
World Tour: Miami Drive

The title is also excited to announce new characters as the faces of Season 3, including Mobi, Toto, Lena, and Martin. Players will be able to unlock new KartRider: Drift characters through events as well as the free and Premium Racing Pass tier.

Producer Tim Novak has teased a bit about the background of the new characters:

"The story of Mobi and Toto will be connected to the storyline around the Lodumani Pirates from last season." Mobi and Toto are pirates who work under Captain Lodumani. Lena is a colourful and striking dancer, who has attracted the affection of Martin, a surfer dude with a crush. You can learn more about the characters, hear about S3 updates directly from developers, and even secure some exclusive rewards by viewing the S3 Pitstop Video, here.

KartRider: Drift Season 3 is also receiving a new game mode. Flag Mode is an exhilarating competition in which teams attempt to capture a flag and protect it, accumulating points. Use power-ups to protect the flag - the new Mine item will be handy in keeping enemies away!!

There are some new quality-of-life updates coming to KartRider: Drift this season, too. A quick-chat function is being added, which allows users to much more easily emote during the race, as well as communicate in the lobby. Players can now use the store and review their racing pass progress while they wait for matchmaking. Additionally, “quick matching” allows players to continue racing in the same lobby without repeating the matchmaking process.

Be sure to watch KartRider: Drift’s Twitch channel and link your Nexon account for an exclusive set of three all-new “Trucker Dad Pack” Twitch Drops, available to watch-and-earn now.

Season 3 of KartRider: Drift is available to download and play for free on all major gaming platforms, including Xbox and PlayStation consoles, PC (Steam, Nexon Launcher), iOS and Android mobile devices.

13. Juli 2023, von Markus 'Markus S.' Schaffarz

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