Project Dark Out Now on Android and iOS

Independent development studio Red Meat Games has announced that Project Dark is now available on Android and iOS. The game will be released on Steam and Nintendo Switch soon.

Project Dark is an audio game that uses the "choose your own adventure" genre to create an immersive and captivating interactive experience through storytelling. The game's impactful decisions and sophisticated binaural audio allow players to become so engrossed in the experience that they can play with their eyes closed.

Enjoy six episodes with different settings, ranging from a medieval fantasy adventure to a blind first date. Engage with the characters, learn about their stories, and make impactful decisions. The game offers rich and vibrant worlds exploring various aspects of darkness with simple mechanics that make it accessible to all players.

- The depth of an audio drama with the interactivity of a video game.
- Multiple endings and branching storylines- make different choices to get different outcomes.
- Low-stress gameplay for all types of gamers.
- Binaural audio to immerse you in the story.
- Play anywhere- plug in a pair of headphones and sink into the narrative.

17. März 2023, von Thore Varga