MapleStory Fest Celebrates Sixth Annual Event

Nexon celebrated its sixth annual, sold-out MapleStory Fest with over 600 guests on October 14th, 2023. The celebration brought Nexon and fans together for exclusive announcements, Q&A’s, a merch store, and engaging game-themed activities during the event.

Executive director of MapleStory, Wonki Kang, attended the event as a surprise guest and shared insights about the development of the upcoming New Age update and 6th Job skills, and spoke about the future of MapleStory at an exclusive fireside chat. With the upcoming New Age and 6th Job skills updates, the game is expected to grow as a global IP.

Maplers, as fans of the game call themselves, have lots to look forward to as Nexon focuses on an experience that expands the features of the game and identities of the jobs. Nexon is confident that the New Age update with the 6th Job skills will make each player feel like the main character and will begin a new age in MapleStory, just like the name of the update.

"I would like to express my gratitude to the heroes who have loved GMS for a long time,” said Wonki Kang, executive director of MapleStory. "We have put a lot of effort into the 6th Job Advancement and 6th Job skills, and we have also refined the growth speed and growth section to reach level 260, and we have carefully prepared the newly added areas, boss difficulty, and system. We will also focus more on the development of GMS. In addition, we plan to focus more on various activities to expand IP not only in games but also in various cultural projects such as goods."

In addition to chats with Nexon, all attendees received a swag bag and had access to exclusive merch, activities and onsite events such as on-stage presentations, MapleStory trivia, MapleStory M 2v2 boss battle race, MapleStory M Lucky Doll Claw Game, and crafting activities.

The biggest crowd reactions of the day, and prompting cheers from the community, came from the world premiere of Kanna and Hayato’s 6th Job skills animations and the reveal of MapleStory M’s new character Adele who is coming to the game this winter.

20. Oktober 2023, von Thore Varga

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