Little Film Director Out Now on iPhone and iPad

Independent development studio EnsenaSoft is releasing Little Film Director, a fun vertical video creation tool, on iPhone and iPad today.

Little Film Director is a video creation tool that gives users the ability to produce avatar-based vertical videos that are engaging and fun, regardless of whether they are interested in making meme videos, short-form clips or full-length movies.

The tool provides a character designer for creating cartoon-style characters or more realistic avatars using Ready Player Me. Additionally, the software has pre-designed stages available and allows users to generate their own stages with the help of generative AI.

“We have already published two channels with videos made with Little Film Director: THINGS FISHY | Studios Sinaloa and JAVA JOYRIDE | Studios Sinaloa”, says Samuel Denhartog, CEO at EnsenaSoft.

The software also uses generative AI to create avatars, select AI-generated voices, backgrounds and dialogues for cast members, which can be uploaded as 9:16 vertical videos to social media sites.


  • The ability to create avatar-based vertical videos

  • Selecting from built-in stages

  • Directing your film and adding AI-generated voices for characters

  • Integrated generative AI at various points that can help create better movies faster

  • Creating avatars, generating backgrounds based on text input using DALL-E

20. Mai 2023, von Thore Varga