Halloween Descends into Grand Fantasia

gamigo is thrilled to announce that the latest update for its anime MMORPG, Grand Fantasia, has been deployed. The latest patch brings the annual] iHalloween] celebration into the game alongside a new dungeon and a host of other content updates.

The most exciting addition is a spooky new Guild Dungeon aimed at seasoned adventurers. Inside, players will face off against lurking minions and a dozen powerful bosses. Outside, three new Taros Nightmare world bosses have arrived to challenge any warrior daring to take them on. But as with all grave danger, great rewards await those lucky enough to defeat them.

Speaking of rewards, Grand Fantasia also adds a ton of new enchantments, blueprints, and other items to the game world. Most notably, there are a dozen new armor sets to chase down that are available for all classes.

For Halloween, this month’s patch offers special in-game events and quests to keep adventurers on their toes. Players are invited to join in the spirit of Halloween even if it is only helping Housekeeper Jelly Rabbit protect his pumpkin farm against angry savages.

All of the details are revealed on the Grand Fantasia official site.

23. Oktober 2020, von Markus 'Markus S.' Schaffarz




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