Diverse Organization Structure of the Infinite Lagrange Now Officially Launches

Sci-fi grand space simulation game Infinite Lagrange of NetEase Games embraces a major update on July 27th, ushering into a new era of diverse organizations. Today, the productivity of Pioneers has long surpassed the Solar system, marching towards deep space through large two-way stargates. The powerful productivity leads to a brand-new organization structure: Clan, Guild, Union and Community.

Diverse Organizations in the Lagrange Network
A diversity of organizations spread across Lagrange Network. As the theory of diverse organizations emerges in the Lagrange network with the passage of time, Pioneers start to actively explore organization structure that fits their needs from history and reality.

Trujillo family, the Clan, who adopted a streamlined family-style organization structure, obtained the ability to rapidly seize and accumulate resources through close cooperation among its members and finally established the Sacrum Chu Imperium. During the age of warfare after Sacrum Chu Imperium collapse, Guild, another structure that stressed on the military was born and eventually grew into Germanicus Corps and Ares Corps known nowadays. With the conclusion of the chaotic era and in face of the unknown demands from different star systems, Pioneers started to team up as united organizations of various kinds to cope with challenges more flexibly.

Today, Pioneers can build three kinds of organizations, including Clan, Guild and Union, with quotas of 30, 50, and 100 members respectively. All these organizations are equipped with corresponding unique talents, officer systems and tier concepts, and diverse patterns, which can help Pioneers to explore different star systems.

Org Operation and Joint Exploration
Clans, Guilds and Unions have their corresponding scale of Pioneers, talent and ability systems, and are all capable of enforcing Org Operation. Organizations can obtain Org Operation quota as they reach a certain level while the scale of their operations will also be larger than the current regular one for individuals.

Brand-new Structure, Special Talents
Under the brand-new organization structure, Clans will be equipped with Clan’s Warehouse, through which clan members can exchange resources; Guilds will be equipped with Dockyard, where Port Officer can send and “Transfer” fleets to and add them into the fleets of Guild’s members; Unions possess stronger commanding capabilities. By unlocking Talents, they can hold a larger Max Number of Operations and Members and face up to explorations that are more challenging.

Uniting as One, Jointly Exploration
After initiating the Star System Agreement and signing the Community Agreement, the three primary organizations of Clans, Guilds and Unions can form Communities of various kinds. Clans can establish Consortiums, Guilds can develop Legions, and Unions can create Alliances. Each Community has a quota of 150 members and participates in the Star System Development Rating that is collaborated by multiple Orgs.

Undoubtedly, this organization revolution in Lagrange Network will bring profound impacts to the landscape of all the star systems. Pioneers will choose the type of organization that fits their own needs independently, cope with challenges in different star systems, and realize a diversity of exploration goals. Infinite Lagrange sincerely invites all Pioneers to join the journey of space exploration, diversify organization patterns, contribute to the exploration of diverse star systems, team up with powerful forces, and conquer the unknown star systems together.

27. Juli 2022, von Alex 'Alex B.' Börner

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