Dive Deep into the Lore: Discover StarMetal Crusaders’ Rich History

StarMetal Crusaders, a thrilling RTS game by X One Studios, is currently in development and challenges players to take control of planets in the Zeta Sector. Along their journey, players manage resources, uncover ancient secrets and face off against powerful enemies, in a mission to shape the fate of the galaxy!

StarMetal Crusaders roots its story in the age-old conflict over scarce resources across the universe. Major corporations like Index and Nexus have clashed over these resources for decades. As many organizations became fewer and weaker over time due to competition and conflict, Index, led by the formidable Xavier Prescot and Carbon, an alliance of smaller entities, are left standing.

These groups continue their relentless search to expand their reaches to untapped planets!

In this quest for new territories, mercenaries from Rinstar are the unpredictable factors, hired to secure new planets. Meanwhile, the game's universe is on high alert due to the rising threat of the Vulkin, ancient parasitic creatures that have awakened and now put all life in the Zeta Sector at risk.

27. Mai 2024, von Thore Varga