Dicetale Games to Release Free Primer Books and Open Game License

In an unprecedented move, upstart tabletop roleplaying game company Dicetale Games will be releasing not one, but two (that’s TWO!) 250-page Primer books for its upcoming roleplaying game Blood and Doom. Not content with just releasing a typical 25- to 50-page Quickstart, the company originally announced it would make a 150-page Quickstart available for free, before Kickstarting its dark fantasy TTRPG on the 21st of March, 2023. In a move that might be a first in the tabletop game business, it will be churning out no less than 500 free pages that allow players and Game Masters to already experience Blood and Doom as a full-fledged game - almost half of what will be made available as both printed and PDF core books after the Kickstarter wraps.

In the same breath, Dicetale Games has announced its Blood and Doom Open Game License, an irrevocable agreement that will allow content creators and publishers to release open game content - a move that opens up the world of Athyr and its game system to creatives everywhere in the world.

Naturally, we would love for you, journalists, bloggers, vloggers, and influencers to share this news with your audiences. If you haven’t signed up to get (p)review copies of the game, please feel free to do so now. We will be sending out PDFs of both Primers in three stages, spread out over 2 weeks. First, we’ll make both books available to reviewers. Second, we’ll send them out to all of our newsletter subscribers. Finally, the PDFs will be added as free downloads to our Kickstarter page, sites such as Drivethrurpg, and our own website. Also, we are encouraging reviewers to add links to these downloads on their own channels, and will include you in our social media posts and on our website blog.

22. Januar 2023, von Thore Varga