DDS x Narcos to bring together a hit game franchise and a legendary television series

Movie Games and True Games Syndicate have the pleasure of announcing a new game - DDS x Narcos, a narrative simulator about the world of crime and corruption. Narcos is a legendary TV series produced by Gaumont for Netflix. The game will be available on PC.

It’s the 1980s, you are a disgraced CIA agent turned drug dealer. You will run your business in Mexico and the US in this story-driven simulator about the life of crime.

DDS x Narcos is a standalone crossover between the hit game DDS and the legendary television TV series Narcos. The original DDS game is a first-person simulator about expanding your own drug empire in a run-down US city. The game became a Steam bestseller right after the premiere and through 2022, offering six free updates, introducing new mechanics, maps, and dozens of gameplay hours. In 2022 DDS2 was announced on Steam and quickly appeared on a list of top wishlisted games on Steam.

DDS x Narcos tells the story of Daniel, an agent fired by the CIA when they started covering the tracks of their illegal operations. When they closed the factory, which was the only source of income in his hometown, his family in Mexico went broke.

Daniel acquires the factory but keeping it operational costs money. Forced by circumstances, he’s going into the production and distribution business to save his family.

"DDS x Narcos is a crossover of the original DDS game set in the late 1980s. It marries the universe of the DDS series with the world known from the legendary show Narcos and Narcos: Mexico. The players can explore both sides of the border and the familiar world of two beloved franchises," says Pawel Hekman, True Games Syndicate CEO.

In the game, you will make your own illegal product from scratch, starting with growing and harvesting the raw material all the way to choosing the right additives. And what you cannot farm, you buy from your suppliers.

DDS x Narcos introduces new mechanics and features such as:

  • Smuggling illegal products across the border

  • Cultivating plants

  • Realistic production processes

  • Selling products across the different states

  • Stats of mixed product

  • Money-laundering business

  • Updated player skills

Play in the US as well as Mexico. Rule over a small town on the southern side of the border, where you will produce and package your product. Try to conquer the familiar Ghetto in the US and see it before it becomes the crime-ridden town you know from DDS.

Smuggle the illegal product across the border to fulfil the orders and sell the product to dealers across the different states. Just don’t get caught!

Selling and distributing products is just a means to an end… Or is it? Will you stop once your family is safe again or will you let the power and money corrupt you? Your partner doesn’t seem too keen on getting out of the business, but you were offered a way out. Will you take it? The choice is yours.

17. November 2023, von Thore Varga