Curse of the Dead Gods: The Armory major update gives you the choice of weapons!

Curse of the Dead Gods: The Armory major update gives you the choice of weapons!

Passtech Games and Focus Home Interactive are pleased to once again enrich the Early Access period for roguelite Curse of the Dead Gods, with today’s major Armory update. In addition to adding new weapon types, the Armory allows players to unlock and choose starting weapons, improve them over the course of runs, and call upon a new element, lightning, to help take down groups of enemies.

Discover these exciting features in new screenshots and get a 33% reduction on Steam now! Get also a glimpse at the Armory update with the new trailer.

Starting weapons, new weapon types, and upgradeable weapons bring further replayability

Curse of the Dead Gods is always expanding and improving thanks to regular updates and added features that often come straight from the community. The arrival of the Armory spices up gameplay even further, by offering players the opportunity to choose their starting arsenal from among a selection of 11 weapon types with unique gameplay. Your prowess in the Temple grants you new currency, which can allow you to permanently access your weapons of choice at the start of each run.

Master new weapon types, such as the whip and throwing weapons! Building upon the arrival of Poison in the Serpent's Catacombs update, players can now harness the power of Electricity, unleashing devastating lightning bolts on enemies. This new update also brings a lot of other improvements and balance changes - the full patch notes are available here.

A deadly new Temple to be discovered soon
Passtech Games’s commitment to supporting Curse of the Dead Gods during Early Access continues, with the upcoming arrival of the Eagle Temple and its new game mechanics, traps and adversaries. Be sure to check out the detailed roadmap for the game on Steam for a full rundown of what's already been added, and what's coming next.

Curse of the Dead Gods is available in Steam Early Access on PC and will arrive soon on consoles. The Armory Update is now available as a free update and comes with a special 33% promotion until November 2nd.

30. Oktober 2020, von Markus 'Markus S.' Schaffarz

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