Cheat Your Own Death in Mind-Bending Modern Adventure Mystery Three Minutes to Eight

Publisher Assemble Entertainment and developer Chaosmonger Studio have launched point-and-click mystery adventure Three Minutes to Eight on Steam and GOG. In it, you’re destined to meet your demise at precisely 7:57 PM and it’s up to you to find a way to cheat death while unraveling the mysteries of the story.

Set in the near future, Three Minutes to Eight tells an unnerving story full of twists and turns requiring players to solve the mystery of the protagonist’s death. It's up to players to unravel what lies beneath, uncover secret paths, find ways to cheat death, and unlock multiple endings. Each run is distinct, with randomized elements and unique events, urging players to revisit the game multiple times to discover all its hidden mysteries.

Three Minutes to Eight features intriguing dialogue with a roster of interesting - and fully voiced acted - NPCs who deepen the game’s gripping narrative. With its unique short-burst gameplay, it allows for infinite replayability, boasting numerous endings and hidden mysteries in each playthrough.


  • Stunning Pixel Art: Explore futuristic locations created in voxel-art, featuring pixel-art characters designed and animated frame-by-frame to create a unique neon aesthetic.

  • Multiple Endings: Finish multiple runs each with unique and randomized elements and events in order to unlock more endings.

  • Unravel the Mystery: Why are you destined to die at 7:57PM? It’s up to you to discover and find a way to stop it.

23. Oktober 2023, von Thore Varga

ASSEMBLE Entertainment


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