CES 2023 | With the HeartPrint Technology, Invoxia continuously monitors the cardiac health of dogs

Invoxia has announced its award-winning Smart Dog Collar will launch commercially in Q1 2023 with a sleek new design and advanced heart tracking technology that approximates that of human ECG data. Priced at $149, with data subscriptions starting from $8.25 per month, the advanced sensor and AI technology can track and monitor a dog’s respiratory and heart vitals and its activity to provide a 3600 overview of its health, wellbeing, and whereabouts.

Developed alongside veterinary specialists, Invoxia’s groundbreaking biometric Smart Collar is paving the way for preventative pet care with technology that can spot problems in a dog’s health before any visible signs surface and alert the owner in advance, increasing the chances of timely treatment and recovery. It captures and processes health data via miniaturized radar sensors, accelerometers, and edge AI within the collar to measure movement, respiratory and heart rates that would otherwise be impossible without uncomfortable electrodes.

Information is tracked, accessible, and can be shared with vets using the Invoxia app.

Data In A Heartbeat - Introducing Heartprint Technology
Heartprint is a unique capability made possible by the AI and unique sensors built inside the collar. It provides a 2D visual representation of a dog’s cardio-pulmonary system through continuous rather than one-off measurements. It contains valuable information about the state of the heart that changes based on stress, pain, tonus levels and heart diseases.

A Heartprint Signature, like an ECG, provides information on the timings of each individual heartbeat and helps detect and analyze various forms of arrhythmia, as well as other anomalies in the resting beats pattern.

While an ECG offers a 1D temporal signal that is difficult to interpret over a long period of time, Heartprint Signature is a clever 2D representation of heartbeats that is shown as a Poincare Plot (used in human cardiovascular measurements) that summarizes rich and valuable information at a glance over a long period of time. Each (x, y) point of the Heartprint Signature represents a heartbeat, where x is the interval from the preceding beat, y is the interval to the next heartbeat, while alpha transparency is used so that patterns appear at the positions where many points overlap.

Each signal delivers data that is collected and used to build a unique Heartprint Signature of heartbeats over long resting periods, lasting from a few hours to a few days. While continuous monitoring of cardio-pulmonary biomarkers in human health is beneficial and commonplace, the sensor technology used for two-legged subjects relies on light-reflecting sensors or electrodes that don’t work on furry patients. The Invoxia Smart Dog Collar radar and motion technologies solve this problem to provide powerful ongoing insights, such as early warnings into degenerative heart diseases, congenital heart diseases, stress levels, and the presence of pain or discomfort.

“The ability to continually monitor cardio-pulmonary activity has eluded our four-legged friends for years, but with the Heartprint Signature, it is now possible. It opens the possibility of bringing true preventative care to the pet market, and as more and more data is collected using this breakthrough index, Invoxia will build ever more accurate baselines for canine health parameters across different breeds, health conditions, and doggie life stages.” said Amélie Caudron, CEO of Invoxia.

"This visualization has exciting research potential. It embeds important health data that can be analyzed at scale and used to gain insights into a wide variety of heart health states in dogs, thus becoming a tool to help improve preventative pet care.” said Romain Pariaut, DVM DACVIM DECVIM-CA, Associate Professor at Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine.

From Wellbeing to Whereabouts.

The new Invoxia Smart Dog Collar has a new look and feel and is suitable for a wide variety of medium and large-sized dogs. Its silicone design makes it lighter (0,34lbs), more robust, and easier to maintain, while still remaining comfortable for the animal, and it will come in several colors including yellow, red, green, gray, and black. Packed with proprietary technology, the Smart Dog Collar performs the following functions:

  • Vital Sign Monitoring: Developed with board-certified veterinary cardiologists in the US, it measures resting heart rate and respiratory levels along with a dog’s Heartprint Signature

  • Behavioral/Activity Tracking: It can automatically detect multiple activities to monitor the time a pet spends running, walking (at home, while dog sitting or in dog care), eating, drinking, barking, or scratching, alerting to potential skin conditions. It can help detect and monitor any volatilities or changes in appetite

  • 24/7 Location Tracking: The Invoxia Smart Dog Collar intelligently combines Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and GPS to offer owners accurate location details with maximum battery efficiency. Its intelligent escape alerts can help owners track even the most runaway-prone dog, and with geo-fencing, users can set parameters and be alerted if a dog strays. With a built-in buzzer, users can detect when a dog is close by, if it’s hiding under a car, or trapped in a garage. In addition, the integrated GPS locator allows owners to locate their dog if stolen while wearing the Smart Collar.

Pricing and Availability
The Smart Dog Collar will be available commercially in Q1 2023, priced at $149, with data subscriptions starting from $8.25 per month. It is available for demonstration during CES at the Invoxia Booth Venetian Expo #54225. For further information, visit (smartdogcollar.com).

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