Vigor Season 7: Mercenaries Introduces Mortar Strike and Lockable Exits

Bohemia Interactive is proud to announce the release of Vigor’s upcoming Season 7: Mercenaries, which is slated to reach audiences on February 3rd, 2021. The seventh season of the popular game features a new selection of weapons, openable and lockable exits to add variety and strategy to the maps, mortar strikes to unleash on Outlanders who have the audacity to camp out, and more.

“This time we focused on the quality of Vigor,” says Johanny Clerc-Renaud, Lead Programmer at Bohemia Interactive. “Our team worked diligently on boosting memory optimization, which we expect will vastly improve upon the various crashes and disconnections experienced on all platforms.”

The two key additions to the Vigor experience, dynamic exits and mortar strikes, may seem subtle on the surface but will send ripples across the community. The Vigor community ran into issues with players camping map exits for nearly entire matches. The anti-camping mortar bombards players if they stay in one spot without any movement, preventing these extreme cases.

Beyond that, exits have additional functions with some requiring resources to open and some able to be closed once you leave the area. This adds a new layer to each encounter by requiring players to think about which exit to use in different situations.

Season 7: Mercenaries includes:

  • Battle Pass - Season 7: Mercenaries

  • Openable and lockable exits

  • Mortar strikes on camping Outlanders

  • A new selection of weapons in Shootout

    • B93 Raffica

    • M60E3

    • La Chiave

  • New widget for equipping weapon with ammo

  • Shootout now uses the same spectator as other game modes

  • The return of the Fiske Fabrikk map

Who are the Mercenaries?

The Mercenaries are devotees of war. They’re in it for the action and call mortar strikes on Outlanders who have the audacity to camp. Relish the new Shootout weapon selection they bring, while mastering new tactics thanks to openable exits.

3. Februar 2021, von Alex 'Alex B.' Börner

Bohemia Interactive


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