Vigor Season 5: Renegades Adds New Map, Custom Teams in Elimination, and More

The trailer revealing that Vigor is coming to PS4 and PS5 (along with confirming the F2P launch date on Nintendo Switch) reeled in over 260,000 viewers, so it seems clear that there's a community of gamers eager to get their hands on this looter shooter. Bohemia Interactive is making sure to keep the fresh content rolling in, this time in the form of Season 5: Renegades, so those new potential Outlanders can fight to survive their way.


Bohemia Interactive is proud to announce the release of Season 5: Renegades for Vigor and it is available to play now. The fifth season introduces a brand new map called Sawmill and multiple new ways to play with or without friends, including trios and the lone wolf feature. New armaments and tools also give Outlanders fresh ways to survive against the millions of Vigor players around the world.

Season 5: Renegades Features:

  • New Battle Pass theme

  • Sawmill Map

  • Trios

  • Custom Teams in Elimination

  • Lone Wolf

  • New Weapons

  • SW-SH 629

  • Gal

  • KS-23

  • A-KM Bayonet

  • Booby Trap Tool

  • Map Rotation

  • Exit Tells

  • Penetration Returned

The theme for season 5 of Vigor is Renegades. These outlanders are the gunslingers of the Sawmill. They can plunder in groups of three or stalk enemies as a lone wolf. Other outlanders must watch out for their booby traps and deadly bullets, which may hit you even when in cover.

What is Vigor? It's an upcoming free-to-play shooter where you build your shelter in post-war Norway. Over 4,500,000 players have jumped into the beautiful (but deadly) Outlands so far. More will be joining the battle soon as Bohemia announced Vigor for PS4 and PS5 during Gamescom 2020, alongside the reveal of the Nintendo Switch free-to-play release date.

10. September 2020, von Markus 'Markus S.' Schaffarz

Bohemia Interactive


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