Spiral Up Games Reveals Gripping New Trailer for 'Back to the Dawn' at Gamescom 2023

Developed by the talented team at Metal Head Games and distributed by Spiral Up Games, Back to the Dawn is an exciting prison survival and escape game about a framed journalist ensnared in a chilling conspiracy and forced to navigate the treacherous environment of a maximum-security prison.

Drawing deep inspiration from iconic prison shows like Prison Break and Escape from Alcatraz, Back to the Dawn offers players a dive into an immersive prison world of survival, strategy, and escape, filled with ever-watchful surveillance, tenuous alliances, and fierce rivalries. As they journey through distinct prison areas, each teeming with unique challenges and opportunities, players will be forced to be always on their toes. Whether it's deciding to befriend or manipulate a diverse cast of inmates, or using one's skills to climb the prison's hierarchy, every decision plays an important role in the pursuit for freedom and truth.

Aldric Chang, CEO of Spiral Up Games, expresses his enthusiasm for the trailer reveal: ”The team at Metal Head Games has crafted an immersive experience where players are challenged at every turn within the demanding confines of prison life. This trailer encapsulates the game's intricate blend of strategic gameplay and compelling narrative. It's a glimpse into an epic prison survival adventure that we are eager for players to embark upon."

Key features of Back to the Dawn include:

  • Detailed Prison Exploration: Venture deep within the confines of an intricately designed maximum-security prison. Each corner, cell, and corridor offers a unique challenge, demanding strategic thinking and presenting countless opportunities for discovery.

  • Rich Tapestry of Inmates: Interact and form deep connections with a colorful cast of fellow inmates. Whether it's forging powerful alliances or cultivating dangerous gang rivalries, every character you meet comes with their own rich history and story, influencing the paths available to you.

  • Versatile Gameplay: Shape your path in Back to the Dawn through a variety of playstyles. Will you dominate with brute force, slink in the shadows, or weave a web of influence with your words? With diverse skill sets and branching upgrade paths, hone your skills, craft vital tools, and rise to prominence within the prison's power structure.

  • Challenging Escape Puzzles: Piece together an intricate escape route using the hidden secrets and lesser-known areas of the prison. From covert operations in the dimly lit laundry room to navigating the treacherous pathways of the underground sewers, your wit and resourcefulness will be tested at every turn.

  • Unique Prison Jobs: Engage in a range of prison jobs, each bringing its own set of challenges and rewards. From the gritty details of laundry sorting to the secret trades of contraband dealings, efficiency and prowess will dictate your earnings in this world where financial muscle is as crucial as your physical one.

  • High Replayability: Embark on an ever-evolving adventure with Back to the Dawn. Choices ripple throughout your journey, ensuring that each playthrough carves a distinct narrative. Decisions have weight; actions echo into the future, crafting a tale uniquely your own.

  • Multitude of Endings: The myriad paths of Back to the Dawn converge into a spectrum of endings, be it the choices you make, the alliances you broker, or the risks you take. This will contribute to your fate, be it the desolation of a life behind bars, the exhilaration of freedom or vindication of exoneration.

28. August 2023, von Thore Varga

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