SOEDESCO® enters a budding partnership with German indie studio FreetimeStudio, creator of Garden Witch Life

SOEDESCO® announces partnership with German independent studio FreetimeStudio. The upcoming Farm-Life RPG Garden Witch Life, which was first introduced in last year's Wholesome Snack as A Garden Witch's Life, will now be published by SOEDESCO. On June 11, 2022, the partnership was announced during the Wholesome Direct 2022, where the trailer showcased a new feature of the game as well as the partnership between SOEDESCO and FreetimeStudio.

It's all about the balance
In Garden Witch Life, players build their own garden to cultivate crops for their potions and spells, build friendships with the townsfolk, and discover the town's magical secrets. The new feature and collaboration trailer highlights a new unique feature where players have to keep their plants’ stats in balance to keep them thriving. Plants will have stats, buffs, and debuffs depending on where they are planted and with which companion plants, as well as factors like sun and shade come into play.

Storytellers on a quest to tell diverse and enchanting stories
FreetimeStudio is a developer in the clouds with a small team of passionate people from around the world. Working on their second title they strive to tell diverse and enchanting stories in beautifully crafted worlds. "We are more than excited to partner up with SOEDESCO's lovely team for our new game Garden Witch Life! We feel that together we can grow stronger and have the opportunity to really be ourselves while creating what we love!”

14. Juni 2022, von Markus 'Markus S.' Schaffarz



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