Rick & Morty Plus Shovel Knight Want YOU in Move Or Die for PS4

Fiercely independent game developer, Those Awesome Guys, and go to market gurus Reverb Triple XP have launched Move or Die onto the PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system. PlayStation gamers can now experience the fast-paced, sweat-inducing, multiplayer frenzy where game modes change every 30 seconds - you gotta MOVE or you will DIE!

With content from the critically-acclaimed PC version including characters from Rick & Morty and Shovel Knight, Move or Die boasts an extensive collection of over the top game modes, some of which feature mechanics from indie classics such as Superhot, Heavy Bullets, or VVVVVV. On top of that, the PS4 version will also be debuting exclusive content in an upcoming launch-day patch. This will include six new characters, four additional game modes, three zany Mutators, and introduces the voice talent of Youtube star ProZD as an official game announcer.

6. März 2019, von Alex 'Alex B.' Börner