Reverse: 1999, the Stunning Time-Travel RPG, Opens Pre-Registration with Exclusive Rewards

Sign up for exclusive in-game bonuses and a 5-star character before you enter the Jazz Age and beyond in this mystical time-travel RPG on iOS, Android, and Windows PC when it launches later this year

After a successful Closed Beta Test, the highly anticipated 20th Century Time-Travel Strategic RPG Reverse: 1999 is gearing up for a full global launch in the next couple of months, with the specific date to be announced soon. Reverse: 1999 is fully voiced in English-with a wide range of international dialects and accents-and fully cross-play compatible across PC, Android, and iOS.

Players are invited to pre-register on Google Play, the App Store, or through the official Reverse: 1999 website. All pre-registered players will receive a bundle of in-game rewards when Reverse: 1999 launches later this year, with bigger, better bonuses unlocked as more players sign up, including the 5-star character Matilda. Here are the items players can look forward to when they begin their adventure through time:

Pre-registered players can look forward to an extraordinary trip through time when Reverse: 1999 launches later this year. Prepare to soak in the sights and sounds of the twentieth century and spend time with some unforgettable oddballs. Turn up those lo-fi beats to travel through time and enter the Jazz Age in the new trailer below:

Set across the 20th century, Reverse: 1999 is a narrative-driven time-travel adventure RPG. A phenomenon known as the “Storm” is unraveling history as we know it, starting from the final day of 1999. Play as the Timekeeper, Verin-the only one immune to the Storm’s power-and prepare for a whirlwind adventure through a strange alternate history full of familiar events twisted by magic and mystery. Can you unravel the secrets of the world, or will the Storm swallow you up along with it?
Featuring a vast cast of characters voiced fully in English with diverse accents and dialects from across time and space. An ethically questionable magical researcher, an urban ghost-hunter, an animated scarecrow, a sapient radio, and stranger beings will join your mission to save the timeline. Assemble your arcanists and battle against otherworldly monsters, rival factions, and more in turn-based tactical combat.

18. September 2023, von Thore Varga