Redefining athletic performance: Alfa Romeo F1 Team KICK Esports partners with X-BIONIC

Alfa Romeo F1 Team KICK Esports will be bringing performance to the next level thanks to high-tech, advanced athletic gear, as the team launches a partnership with technology-led sportswear brand, X-BIONIC.

Combining cutting-edge technology with innovative fabrics, X-BIONIC are pioneers of performance tech clothing, aiming to empower athletes to excel in any competitive field. Developed in Switzerland and crafted in Italy, X-BIONIC’s sportswear is more than just apparel; by harnessing each athlete’s own physical potential, it amplifies their athletic achievement, leading them towards peak performance.

Much like Alfa Romeo F1 Team KICK Esports, every detail matters to X-BIONIC: premium materials, patented technologies and intelligent function zones turn every garment into a technological piece that adapts to the unique demands of elite athletes and sports enthusiasts alike.

The new race collection includes baselayer shirts and trousers featuring patented X-BIONIC technologies such as PartialKompression, providing optimal ventilation and stimulation to muscle groups to maintain a fast reaction time. Furthermore, ClimateControl shirts and trousers will help keep the drivers’ core body temperature at the optimal 37° Celsius for highest performance.

Alfa Romeo F1 Team KICK Esports drivers Brendon Leigh, Thomas Ronhaar, and Matthijs van Erven will be gearing up with X-BIONIC's exclusively designed team kit as they get ready to battle for the 2023/2024 F1 Esports Pro Championship crown.

Alessandro Alunni Bravi, Team Representative: “We are pleased to welcome X-BIONIC to Alfa Romeo F1 Team KICK Esports, and we are looking forward to working together on a quest towards peak performance. Just like us, X-BIONIC pays great attention to detail, an essential characteristic that brings our fields closer to each other. Thanks to their highly innovative garments, which redefine the standard for functional clothing, our Esports athletes will see their physical potential amplified, as they prepare to fight for wins in the 2023/2024 F1 Esports Pro Championship.”

Maximilian Lenk, CEO of X-BIONIC: “We are absolutely honoured to partner with Sauber Esports and Alfa Romeo F1 Team KICK Esports as they look to energize their championship ambitions within the F1 Esports Pro Championship. We have already proven to be the choice of champions within various sports and are now excited for our innovative technologies to provide a competitive edge within Esports and support the team on their quest to win. This partnership opens up a whole new field for our company, and we’re certain we could not have picked a better partner on this journey.”

20. November 2023, von Markus 'Markus S.' Schaffarz