Rage Against the Machines in TEPPEN’s “Operation Cannon Spike” Starting Today

A wave of killing machines is coming to wreak havoc as the Operation Cannon Spike expansion launches in TEPPEN today. Battle against the Reploid Army, a group of murderous machines hell-bent on driving humanity to extinction. To defeat the Reploids, the heroes from the Cannon Spike and Bionic Commando series join beloved characters from the Monster Hunter, Street Fighter, Mega Man X series, and more.

Heroes of Humanity Rise Up
With the Force Towers now awakened, machines have begun to be sent out to destroy humanity. As the Reploid Army begins its plan to wipe out the human race, the Anti-Machine Special Forces (AMSF) unit rises to stop the terror. With heroes such as AMSF Spencer from the Bionic Commando series and AMSF Cammy from Cannon Spike, the Unit must infiltrate the impenetrable Force Towers and the Reploid Army’s defenses, led by eight machine guardians spanning the Mega Man X series.

Become a Machine-Killing Specialist
To survive against the killer machines sent to attack humanity, players can use the new ability, <Specialist>. Unit Cards with the <Specialist> ability will activate certain effects depending on the Tribe type that is placed in front.

New Cards
Fight alongside the heroes of the AMSF unit. The Black card “AMSF Spencer,” the Green Card “AMSF Cammy,” the Purple card “AMSF Simone,” and the Red Card “AMSF Shiba” all enter the fray! Here’s a look at AMSF Spencer:

  • Type: Unit

  • Tribe: Human

  • Rarity: Legendary

  • MP: 6

  • Attack: 2

  • HP: 7

  • Effects:

    • When played: Give all other units -3 HP, then gain +1 MP for each unit destroyed by this effect.

Events, Challenges, and Sales
To celebrate the release of the Operation Cannon Spike card pack, the Operation Cannon Spike event unlocks limited-time Special Missions for players to earn player icons based on the eight guardians. Additionally, players can receive icons of AMSF Cammy, AMSF Shiba, and AMSF Simone through the Mini Jewel and Extras Set.

The limited-time Event Quest “Super Spooky Village” also arrives this month, with quests players can complete to acquire Relics and player icons based on the Super Spooky Village card pack of the same name. This Event Quest includes multiple map difficulties: the normal “Eerie Village” and “Domain of the Four Lords” map, and the higher difficulty “Ceremony Site” map.

As part of TEPPEN’s Cyber November 2022 sale, pick up past BGMs from Street Fighter, Ace Attorney, Resident Evil series, and more at 20% off of Souls. Players can also add new tracks from the Capcom 30th Anniversary Music Best album, representing Ghosts ‘n Goblins, Mega Man X, Monster Hunter series, and more in the Soul Shop.

Additionally, the Soul Shop will feature…

  • Special Pack 17: includes the Cammy EX-Skin and Secret cards from the previous Jurassic Rampage expansion. Available from Nov. 4 to 30.

  • New Pack Celebration JEWEL SET "Operation Cannon Spike" Pack Ticket: Available from Oct. 31 to Nov. 14.

  • Cyber November 2022 JEWEL SET "TEPPEN SPECIAL PACK 17" Pack Ticket: Available from Nov. 14 to 30.

  • Black Friday JEWEL SET: Available from Nov. 24 to 30.

Card Rotation
The MISSION OF RUIN card set rotates out of Standard Mode with the introduction of Operation Cannon Spike. The following card sets are no longer allowed in Standard Mode:


  • The Devils Awaken

  • The Force Seekers

  • Haunted by Memories

  • Adventures of a Tiny Hero

  • The Tale of Amatsu no Kuni

  • The Battle of Amatsu no Kuni

  • A Dark Agenda

  • Ace vs. The People

  • Dragons of War


1. November 2022, von Markus 'Markus S.' Schaffarz




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