Preorders for Blood Rage: Digital Edition are now available on Steam

Asmodee Digital, a leader in video game entertainment inspired by board games, is proud to announce that preorders for Blood Rage: Digital Edition are now available on Steam (PC and Mac). Starting today, players can preorder the game with a 10% discount along with two exclusives bonuses: the Mythical Monsters DLC and the official digital soundtrack. The game will be launched on Steam on May 27 (19,99 € / $19.99).

The Blood Rage: Digital Edition preorder includes:

  • 10% price discount (17,99 € / $17.99)

  • 1st exclusive bonus: Mythical Monsters DLC. Seven new exclusive beasts are available in single-player and online multiplayer. These monsters can dramatically change the course of the game with their special abilities: Mountain Giantess, Garm, Seer Troll, Wolfwoman, Ymir, Hildisvini, Nídhöggr.

  • 2nd exclusive bonus: the official digital soundtrack featuring a selection of epic tracks crafted by Anton Aklin for Blood Rage: Digital Edition.

The faithful digital adaptation of the legendary Viking board game designed by Eric Lang, with art by Adrian Smith, is developed by Exozet. The hit board game, originally released by CMON, is the 31st all-time title according to BoardGameGeek, with an 8/10 rating. The core gameplay is focused on combat and terrain control. In Blood Rage, your goal is to achieve the greatest amount of glory before the end of the third and final age - and the arrival of Ragnarök.

In Blood Rage: Digital Edition, each player controls one of the seven ancient Viking clans: the Wolf, Bear, Serpent, Raven, Ram, Wild Boar, and Stag clan. Each one comes with its unique warriors, leader, and ship. Draft the best cards and use them to get the advantage in battle. Raid lands, fulfill quests, and upgrade your units to lead your clan to victory! The original miniatures from the board game have been digitized into 3D-animated units using high-res photogrammetry, leveraging more than 100 pictures for each of them.

You must choose your drafted cards carefully at the beginning of each Age. Prepare your winning strategy for the game but make sure to adapt as your opponents take actions or claim allegiance to specific gods. Each god is generous with unique features: Frigga provides resources and support, Tyr strengthens your clan in battle while Loki rewards losing battles or punishes the opposing winner. Deduce their plan and play tactically to counter them. Winning battle is not the only way to victory, as you sometimes gain more victory points by sacrificing your troops!

For your clan, there are many paths to Glory:

  • Invade the mythical land of Midgard and its nine provinces, pillaging their villages and the province of Yggdrasil.

  • Crush other clans in ferocious battles and encounter legendary creatures from Norse mythology.

  • Fulfill quests in honor of the mighty gods.

  • Die gloriously in battle or from Ragnarök as any Viking was born to do.

The only way to lose in Blood Rage: Digital Edition is to shy away from a fight and a glorious death on the battlefield! The game is based around War and Glory. Your goal is to achieve the greatest amount of glory before the end of the third and final age-and the arrival of Ragnarök.

Main features:

  • Fight to gain entry to Valhalla: Pillage, fight, sacrifice… Experience a new type of strategy game where victory can only be achieved by commanding your warriors in the field of battle in the face of final doom.

  • Welcome to Midgard: Dozens of 3d scanned miniatures and a dynamic board faithful to the original board game.

  • Multi-layered strategy game: Blood Rage mixes draft, hidden cards, resource management and its sheer load of trickery. Plan your strategy but be ready to adapt to your opponents’ choices: winning battles is not always the best course of action.

  • Up to five Players: Introducing the ‘5th player expansion’ giving the options to play up to five players. All the miniatures from the Ram, Wild Boar and Stag clans as well as the God Gifts cards from the ‘5th Player Expansion’ of the board game are available in this digital edition for free.

  • Become the greatest Viking Leader: Play solo against AI, local multiplayer via hotseat or online multiplayer with ELO ranking and leaderboards.

Preorders for Blood Rage: Digital Edition are available now on Steam (PC and Mac), for 17,99 € / $17.99, including a 10% price discount and two exclusive bonuses (Mythical Monsters DLC and the official digital soundtrack). The game will be launched on May 27 for 19,99 €/ $19.99.

6. Mai 2020, von Markus 'Markus S.' Schaffarz

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