Once Human’s new Closed Beta Test begins, introducing Deviation companion system in massive update

Starry Studio is proud to announce that the next Closed Beta Test for the multiplayer open-world survival game Once Human begins April 4, 2024, giving players a chance to experience its new gameplay systems, including the Deviation companions, Eternaland region, and new seasonal features.

Once Human is an upcoming supernatural-themed open-world multiplayer survival game for PC, consoles and mobile devices. With over 9.4 million registered users, Once Human is already Steam's #2 multiplayer online survival game. It is ranked #14 overall, making it one of the world's most highly anticipated video games.

Following the incredible success of the previous Once Human CBT, which had over 100,000 users, the April 4 CBT is upping the ante even further, with over 150,000 users invited to participate! The game has ignited the imagination of fans online, with the previous CBT garnering nearly 20 million YouTube video views and almost 4 million hours of Twitch stream views.

If you want to take part in the new CBT, join the official Once Human Discord server and participate to win a code. You can also wishlist the game on Steam to be updated for future updates.
Once Human Official Website

Once Human CBT New Gameplay Features
Deviations are your new monstrous allies in Once Human
Humanity need not fight the eldritch horrors alone, as Once Human’s new CBT introduces Deviations to the game. Deviations are SCP-style monsters with a wicked sense of style who have chosen to be your allies against the supernatural beasts that roam the land.

Your Deviation pals can fight alongside you in combat, with some providing supporting fire, healing allies when they’re down, or throwing up defensive shields to protect you against enemies. The Deviations can also build outside of battle as they construct and maintain homes for you. They can also cut down trees, generate power, and guard your territory from enemies. Deviations might not be cuddly or pocket-sized, but they’ll be your loyal servants in the face of evil.

Eternaland is a new realm that acts as a safe haven from the monsters
Eternaland is a realm of peace and prosperity, existing outside the bounds of Once Human’s nightmare world. Meta-Humans can visit Eternaland and stake out a new life for themselves, one that exists outside of Once Human’s regular gameplay.

In Eternaland, items you earn in seasons can be brought over, including Starchrom, Equipment Blueprints, Mods, Furniture Formula (not including Memetic), Cosmetic Items, and more. You can even bring these items into the next season, but they cost Material Points, with higher values for better items. This will allow players to use hard-earned items in future seasons, with a point system that helps keep gameplay balanced.

Eternaland is also the ideal place to test your building skills, as construction is possible anywhere on the island, with no location off-limits. There is also the Flight Mode, which offers a birds-eye view of the world, making it easier to craft structures. You can save your Eternaland Building Blueprints and share them with other players, allowing others to test your fancy designs.

Eternaland is also about community, as it has cross-server functionality. Here, you can invite friends from different servers to hang out on your land, host parties with fireworks displays, take part in friendly competitions and even build racetracks so you and your pals can test your skills on the tarmac.

New PvE and PvP seasons with fresh modes
Once Human’s new CBT has PvE and PvP seasons, in the PvE season, PvP modes will be turned off, as players must team up to face massive Manibus enemies.

The PvP season will introduce new modes: Caravan Battle and Cargo Conquest. In Caravan Battle, a team of players will have to defend a caravan full of loot as they travel across the countryside and salvage other vehicles along the way. In Cargo Conquest, some players possess parasites that force them to attack other players. However, there’s a chance that killing an infected player will cause the parasite to move to a new host…

New weapons, equipment, and the fifth boss monster
The new CBT will introduce the recurve bow weapon, allowing you to rain arrows upon your foes. Two new Excellent quality and two Perfect quality weapons will also be available. The game’s mysterious fifth boss monster will also be introduced.

Once Human’s April 4 CBT is going to introduce lots of fantastic new features, so make sure to follow the game’s social media accounts, wishlist it on Steam, and join the official Discord to secure your spot in this new CBT.

5. April 2024, von Thore Varga

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