Once Human Developer Showcases Otherworldly Survival Experience through Gameplay Footage

Starry Studio announced that Once Human, a New Weird sandbox survival game has made its appearance at the NetEase Connect 2023 Annual Product Launch Event, showcasing a developer game introduction and some new gameplay footage. The video features impressive graphics, smooth PVE combat, and survival gameplay, presenting players with a brand-new post-apocalyptic world. The developer of the game has also shared exciting news at the event that Once Human will be officially released in 2024.

Developed by Starry Studio, Once Human is a survival game set in a sandbox open world where players team up to combat the Aberrant, grotesquely mutated monsters that have ravaged humanity and destroyed cities. The game is themed around "New Weird," a genre that merges the aesthetics and themes of science fiction, fantasy, and horror. With formidable and potent adversaries that jeopardize the survival of the last remnants of humanity, the game creates a strong sense of survival stress. Players must use firearms and handmade equipment to survive in this challenging and dangerous world.

At NetEase Connect, game designer Ruby introduced the exciting new game to players. She explained the game's key design concept, which combines the "New Weird" theme with sandbox survival gameplay, providing players with a refreshing survival adventure experience. Players not only face the typical survival pressures of hunger, thirst, and shelter but also have to be wary of attacks from other dimensions, keep their sanity in check, and avoid the threat of the Stardust and aberrants. The video also showed some in-game footage, including world exploration, stronghold battles, PvP gameplay, and building systems. Although the game is still in development, Once Human provides players with very promising content.

During the event, Ruby emphasized that Once Human differs from other survival games in its focus on players' immersion in the post-apocalyptic world and its "New Weird" theme. The game offers players the chance to engage in hunting, crafting, building, and more, while dealing with the pressure of the environment itself, from extreme weather to polluted areas and monsters lurking in corners.

Through art expression and scene creation, the game presents players with an unprecedented otherworldly survival experience. Players will face overwhelming bosses with exceptional power and contain anomalies scattered all over the map.

Players can participate in Once Human's closed testing or communicate with the developers by wishlisting the game on STEAM and joining the game's official community on Discord. For more information about Once Human please follow their social media on Twitter and Facebook.

24. Mai 2023, von Thore Varga

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