Official Launch of Infinite Lagrange's First Pilot Server

The expansion of the Lagrange Network is only possible due to the unremitting exploration efforts of all Explorers. The dedication and feedback of Explorers is also the key driver of Infinite Lagrange's constant improvements and growing maturity. This March, Infinite Lagrange will launch a series of events under the theme of Exploring the Unknown, Pioneering the Future, and all our outstanding Explorers are sincerely invited to participate in the exchanges and discussions on the new version in advance as we presume that many Explorers can't wait to experience the new content and gameplay.

Infinite Lagrange's Pilot Server, a test server designed especially for Explorers, will be launched on March 22. This server will be made available to Explorers periodically based on the version update intervals with independent settings. On this server, Explorers will be able to experience new game content in advance and give the official team suggestions and feedback on improvements, working together to build a grander and more diverse future for our galaxy.

Early Access to the New Anti-Aircraft Weapon Mechanism
Skip the early-game development phase and focus on testing new features

As future updates will impact the overall strategy and balance of the game, the new anti-aircraft weapon combat mechanism and Super Capital Ship balancing adjustment will be tested out first in the Pilot Server. The new anti-aircraft mechanism introduces an Early Warning Efficiency mechanism to further improve anti-aircraft weapons' ability to lock on to enemies and their damage. The Super Capital Ship balancing adjustment makes targeted adjustments to the weapons of each ship based on their role to ensure each Super Capital Ship has its own differentiated roles in fleets.

Explorers who are eligible to experience the Pilot Server will be able to experience new game content in advance and communicate closely with the official team to give feedback and interact. To allow Explorers to experience new content more comprehensively and efficiently, Explorers will skip the initial exploration stage of the early game, and all buildings will already be fully upgraded in the Pilot Server. At the same time, Infinite Lagrange will provide various additional resource support to help Explorers on their interstellar journey on the Pilot Server.

Through a series of special targeted settings, Infinite Lagrange hopes to create a more comprehensive environment for Explorers to experience the Pilot Server. It is also hoped that Explorers will provide valuable feedback for future improvements. The official team will further improve and optimize the game based on the collective brainstorming and advice of Explorers, exploring the Lagrange Network together with Explorers.

All Efforts will be Rewarded
Great rewards to thank Explorers for giving high-quality feedback

Explorers will need to register for recruitment to become eligible to experience the Pilot Server. The relevant recruitment started officially on March 17. All Explorers can apply to participate in the Pilot Server via the in-game registration entrance. After the recruitment ends on March 29, Infinite Lagrange will comprehensively review and screen Explorers according to their strengths. The outstanding Explorers who make it to the shortlist will be eligible to experience the Pilot Server.

All Explorers' efforts will be rewarded. For Explorers who actively participate and give feedback, Infinite Lagrange will offer great official merch as thanks for their deep insights.
In addition to getting great rewards, Explorers who join the Pilot Server will be able to experience important updates of future versions and build new strategies in advance. This gives them a strategic advantage in the rapidly changing journey of star system exploration.

Infinite Lagrange's first Pilot Server officially launches on March 22. We look forward to the registration and participation of many outstanding Explorers. Let's explore the unknown and pioneer the future!

23. März 2023, von Thore Varga

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