Numskull Goes Dino Crazy and drops 2 New Collections including a very special new Jurassic Park GIANT TUBBZ

This Summer 2022, get set for plenty of dinosaur action. The long-awaited Jurassic World Dominion movie is set for release on June 10th and Numskull has pulled it out of the bag with some quacking, cool official merch inspired by the original 1993 blockbuster film, Jurassic Park.

When it comes to new TUBBZ collectibles, brace yourselves for something different… this range is a LIMITED EDITION, when they’re gone, they’re gone so you’ll need to be quick, or you will miss out!

T. rex: There is literally nothing in the TUBBZ range as big as the new T. rex and all those ducks in the pond are about to get the scare of their lives. She’s one of a kind, 226.5mm high and 178mm wide (150% bigger than other TUBBZ that are a mere 9cm high). Let’s hope she doesn’t escape from the pond and wreak havoc. T. rex is a MUST for collectors. She’s a limited edition, comes in special packaging - with only 1000 of these roaming the park, order before they become extinct!

There are three new characters joining her, (along with Dennis Nedry and John Hammond launched last year). These are also a limited edition with only 3000 of each being available, when they’re gone, they’re gone!

Dr. Ellie Sattler: ready for her dig - wearing her leather belt holding the radio and headphones on, she’s in for a surprise!

Dr. Ian Malcolm: no mistaking that hair and he can only be wearing his black leather jacket and watch of course.

Dr. Alan Grant: the palaeontologist is on the lookout, hat and bandana firmly in place, he is set to cause a distraction with his flare.

3. Juli 2022, von Markus 'Markus S.' Schaffarz