New Trailer | Learn Farm Basics in Farming Simulator Academ

When Farming Simulator 22 launches in just a few days, newcomers might need guidance. Cultivators, plows, subsoilers - players new to the world of agricultural simulation can struggle to distinguish these tools with their individual benefits to field preparation. The Farming Simulator Academy is designed to make the first steps in Farming Simulator 22 a whole lot easier. An introduction video prepares for the following lessons.

Tutorials accompany player progression
With no experience in farming, whether real or simulated, players might look for a place to receive help, quickly. That's why developer and publisher GIANTS Software introduces the Farming Simulator Academy: Offering text and video tutorials, the Academy is meant to help all players seeking advice for a variety of early challenges.

“We want to offer expedient help provided by our game experts themselves”, says Dennis Reisdorf, Content Marketing Manager at GIANTS Software. “We basically want to take their untrained farmer-hands and accompany them while they advance on their very first farm. If you think a power harrow is a Swedish metal band, you’ve come to the right place.”

Tutorial series will grow over time
From "how to set up a save game" and “how to plant and harvest grapes" up to "how does animal husbandry work", the tutorial series will cover the most frequent problems of aspiring farmers while reflecting the natural progression of a beginner. The further they get, the more in-depth the topics will get.

With the ground cultivated, and the first tutorials planted on, the Farming Simulator Academy will grow over time: GIANTS Software starts with the basics and extends the series with more tutorials in the following weeks and months.

18. November 2021, von Markus 'Markus S.' Schaffarz