New SP Shura Kidomaru will arrive in Heian-Kyo on Mar 22nd!

Onmyoji, a turn-based fantasy strategy game, has announced that a new Shikigami - SP Shura Kidomara (VA KENN) will be available in Heian-Kyo from March 22nd!

Born from evil, hunting is the way.
With the launch of New SP Shura Kidomaru (VA KENN), a new event called “Hunting Game” will begin! Under the crimson sky, deep in the castle where humans and demons sink together. And the relentless hunting show is about to have its final frenzy!

SP Shura Kidomaru Summoning Event starts on Mar 22. From Mar 22 - Apr 2, performing summons will have a 2.5 greater chance of drawing an SP/SSR Shikigami. There are stage rewards at certain summoning thresholds, including Skill Daruma, Mystery Amulets, Skin Tokens, Jades and more!

After the maintenance on Mar 22, “Hunting Show” event will be available -Scarlet clouds cover the sky, and snares are waiting for those destined to be prey. Join the event and complete quests to reap rewards! Rewards include Oshiroibaba's new skin - Sakura Bell, SSR/SP Summon Scroll, Animated Frame, Skill Daruma, Event illustration, Jade and more!

With SP Shura Kidomaru coming, new Memory Scrolls “Sins lead home from the treacherous path” are also about to open! Players can donate the Scroll Shard to repair and unlock the 6 memories, of which the donation rank will be counted separately. After a memory scroll has been fully repaired, rewards will be awarded to all players according to their donation ranking.

There are more exciting activities for the new version update. In the event “Harvest Trip”, players can get SR Nyunai-suzume's new skin “Chirping Harvester” after completing the mission!

22. März 2023, von Markus 'Markus S.' Schaffarz

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