NetEase Games Unveils FragPunk: A Fast-Paced 5v5 Hero Shooter with Power Up Cards that Bend the Rules of Combat

At today’s Xbox showcase, NetEase Games announced FragPunk, a radical new 5v5 hero shooter set in a vibrant futuristic universe, which introduces a unique gameplay modifier card system offering fast paced gunfights with infinite possibilities. Players can now add the game to their wishlist on the Xbox, Windows Store and Steam Store.

Players can bend the rules of combat to their advantage, as they pick their hero, customize their weapon loadout, and choose from a selection of shard cards that shift every round in this free to play experience. FragPunk is developed by Bad Guitar, a subsidiary studio of ThunderFire which is one of the primary studios under NetEase, and will come to Xbox Series X|S and PC in 2025. There will be upcoming tests for both Xbox and Steam that will be open to players in the near future.

Welcome to a future where lancers, genetically enhanced heroes, face off against each other in a competition for the most valuable resource in the universe: Glunite. Any good lancer knows that the rules of engagement can change on a dime thanks to powerful tools known as shard cards, and only the players that constantly adapt will emerge victorious. The wide variety of shard cards in FragPunk can be played at the start of every round, impacting the very rules by which the game is played. Players will encounter frozen floors, exploding bullets, cloning technology, digital footprint tracking and so much more.

If you wanna win the gunfight, you’re gonna have to play your cards right!

“We are overjoyed to be bringing FragPunk to players around the world. Our team at Bad Guitar lives and breathes FPS games, and we are ready to leave our mark on the genre,” said Xin Chang, Creative Director and Producer at Bad Guitar. “We explored a number of elements that make first-person shooters special and considered ways to truly innovate in this space. FragPunk’s card mechanic is a literal game changer and we can’t wait to see players surprise us with their own unique combinations of cards, heroes and weapons, round after round.”

“NetEase Games is excited to collaborate with Bad Guitar to deliver a thrilling, fast-paced 5v5 competitive shooter experience featuring amazing action with infinite possibilities,” said Ethan Wang, Senior Vice President, NetEase, Inc. “This partnership continues our commitment to build world-class development teams and reach global audiences with cutting edge experiences.”

FragPunk will feature the following:

  • Shard Cards & Power to Bend the Rules: No two rounds of FragPunk are ever the same thanks to over 70 shard cards to play with! These unique cards can amplify jump height, reverse the roles of attackers and defenders, engulf bullets in flames or turn them into chain lightning, and even resurrect players! And since the card selection changes every round, this creates new and unique combinations, with infinite gameplay possibilities!

  • Frantic 5v5 Hero Shooter Action: Each round only lasts 2.5 minutes, so get a move on! This frantic match time means players have to aim true and react fast to win the fight. Choose between a varied cast of heroes with diverse abilities, customize weapon combinations, pick the best cards and get ready for a lightning-fast fight!

  • Endlessly Replayable: With its varied selection of heroes, weapons, shard cards and maps to play in, FragPunk can look forward to discovering several combinations which will result in a fresh new experience for each new round as they develop their personal combat style.

  • Immersive Maps and Vibrant Visuals: FragPunk features complex and varied map designs mixed with visual effects including collages, graffiti and a blend of realistic and stylized textures. Players can feast their eyes on bold colors, sharp shapes and dynamic lines that provide an amazing visual experience while the bullets fly.

10. Juni 2024, von Thore Varga

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