Neon Blood Now Available for Pre-order and Wishlist on All Platforms

Meridiem is pleased to announce that Neon Blood is now available for pre-order and wishlist on all digital platforms. Fans can now wishlist this exciting neo-noir action-adventure via Nintendo eShop, Xbox Store, Steam and PlayStation Store.

Developed by ChaoticBrain Studio and published by Meridiem, Neon Blood is a thrilling neo-noir cyberpunk RPG/Graphic Adventure with a 2.5D visual aesthetic using 2D PixelArt sprites within 3D-modeled environments. The gameplay features a variety of puzzles, classic turn-based combat, and precise Quick Time Events.

In addition to digital editions, Meridiem announced the release of the boxed edition of Neon Blood, available in specialist stores in the fourth quarter of 2024. The boxed Limited Edition for PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch includes a metallic-textured cover, an art book, a city guide, and a downloadable soundtrack.

10. Juli 2024, von Thore Varga