Medieval Fantasy MMORPG Embers Adrift Invites Players for a Free Weekend

The secrets of Ember are unfolding and Stormhaven Studios is inviting players to enter the gates of Newhaven in their classically inspired MMORPG Embers Adrift. Featuring immersive group-based PvE gameplay, Embers Adrift brings a new world and a community-focused adventure to the MMO genre. Players looking to see what Embers Adrift has to offer for themselves will be able to try the game for free from June 2nd - 4th.

Inspired by MMORPG classics like Everquest and Vanguard, Embers Adrift blends fresh elements with a nostalgic feel for a wholly new adventure. Rather than relying on quest hubs, gated content, and focusing on a minimap, Embers Adrift encourages players to unravel the mysteries of the world’s lore by discovering quests organically as they traverse the world. Players will encounter a variety of quest types from traditional static quests to rare campaign-like quests that may have different choices and outcomes.

Featuring three base roles that branch out into nine specializations, players in Embers Adrift will be able to play to their strengths. Whether adventuring solo, in small groups, or in a full-sized 6-person group, players will be able to traverse massive overland zones built for exploration as well as vast non-linear dungeons. The game’s strategic tab-targeting system shines in group play as it features both offensive and defensive targeting. Even death is an adventure in Embers Adrift as the game features unique death mechanics including a wound and recovery system, as well as revival and retrieval.

When prepping for their next adventure, players will be able to utilize the game’s crafting and gathering systems to set them up for successful endeavors. Featuring three gathering professions and six crafting professions, Embers Adrift focuses on material-driven benefits. Players can also take things a step further by imbuing items with Ember as well as take advantage of the weapon and armor augmentation system.

Players looking for a dynamic MMORPG experience that blends classic challenging gameplay with newly imagined story and features, and a friendly and helpful community can start their adventure in Embers Adrift for free from June 2nd - 4th beginning at 1pm EST/12 pm CST/10 am PST. In order to access the game’s free weekend players will simply need to create an account on the official site. Once the account is created visit during the free weekend to download the client and play.

17. Mai 2023, von Thore Varga