Marshall your walking tanks and rocket cycles, because Rivet Wars is BACK!

The dieselpunk tactical battle game is exploding onto Kickstarter this September 6 with a brand new (and exclusive) faction.

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While the rest of the universe moved on, the Allies and the Blight stayed stuck in World War I ... with a twist.

Constant war led to some wacky developments. Now, riflemen and panzerfaust face off against unicycled vehicles and armoured cavalry, in diesel-powered armour!

This quickfire strategy game will test your tactical skills as you deploy fresh units each round to stay one step ahead. With a surprise or two up your sleeve, victory will be yours!
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See you on the field, General.

~ Steamforged Games, over and out.

4. September 2022, von Sascha 'Gamethulhu' Kröner

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